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Time Impact compatible with what????(8 posts)

Time Impact compatible with what????JBergland
Feb 13, 2003 11:32 AM
I was just about to purchase a set of new Time Impact pedals. I also have a new set of shoes and as I was starting to order the adapter plate, some 'concerns' started to pop up. After checking with some local shops, I come to find out the Time Impacts cleats are NOT compatible with other Times pedals. They are made specifically to compete against Look pedals... Time & Look bolt pattern compatible... NOT pedals. Anyone else experience this??

Part 2JBergland
Feb 13, 2003 1:07 PM
I've called a couple other shops... including most of the major mail order places... it's split about 60/40 whether or not the Impacts are Time pedal compatible????????
Time compatibilityEric_H
Feb 13, 2003 1:47 PM
The Time Impact cleats are NOT compatible with the TBT (Equipe) series of pedals, and vice-versa. As for shoes, it depends on your brand. The Impact cleat can be mounted with a 3 hole drilling or a 4 hole drilling. For shoes that utilize adapter systems:

Time Equipe CX (with TBT Integral sole) - use the Time TBT adapter and the 4 hole mounting and mount the Impact cleat directly to the flat botttom. The Look adapter and 3 hole mount would also work but give more stack height.

Carnac/Sidi - use the Look adapter and mount using the Look 3 hole drilling. I believe using the Time TBT adapter for Carnac or Sidi with the Impact cleats will not work because the adapters do not have a flat surface (they are recessed for the Time TBT cleats).

Northwave Evolution - use the Time TBT adapter and mount using 4 holes to the flat bottom. The Look adapter could also be used to mount to the Look 3 hole drilling, but again the stack height will be greater.

For all other shoes that are Look compatible, use the 3 hole Look mounting.
Thank You!! (nm)JBergland
Feb 14, 2003 5:16 AM
Eric, a couple more questions...JBergland
Feb 14, 2003 6:14 AM
You seem to know your stuff pretty well... couple more questions/details for you.

The shoes I have are Evolutions. I can get the adapter plate for either Time or Look bolt patterns. I'm considering switching to Look pedals (heard yesterday the old Time pedal platform form is being phased out). My main concern is stack height. In your response above you suggest using the 4 hole adapter plate (Time??) and bolting the Impact cleat system directly onto that. This would give me the least amount of stack height?? Tell me about the differences there would be using a 3 hole adapter plate (Look) and mounting a Look cleat directly onto that?? The Evolution adapter plate whether 3 or 4 whole mounts flush onto the shoe. I would think either the Impact cleats or Look cleats would have similar stack heights??

Thanks for the info!!
Eric, a couple more questions...paul3d
Feb 14, 2003 6:37 PM
I'm not Eric, but I do use the Evolutions and TIme pedals.
First off are you looking to use Looks or Impacts? If you are going with Looks there is no choice with adaptor plates with the Evolutions. You must get the Look plate. Ths is the way to go if your not sure what system you will be using since the impacts will mount to this plate. If your going with the impacts either will do, but the Time plate will allow the impact cleat to mount without the curved portion of the cleat. Say lower stack height(not by much though).
Now if your concern is stack height than the Looks (great pedal) are not the winner in this area. Impacts will be a good cm. lower.
Hope this helps.
Also, the impact cleat could fit on a Carnac Time plate if you use these special spacers that time sells to fit in the valleys of the adaptor and the cleat plate. Not sure if its worth though.
Thanks!! nmJBergland
Feb 25, 2003 12:42 PM
where to buy Time Impact...PeterRider
Feb 13, 2003 7:17 PM
on a side note, except if you have a good deal from your LBS, it seems that the best place to buy is Somebody mentioned it on this forum a while ago...