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rolf vector pro wheel compatibility (campy 9 vs 10)(3 posts)

rolf vector pro wheel compatibility (campy 9 vs 10)roadprincess
Feb 12, 2003 9:02 AM
I have a set of vector pros (2001s I think, rims w/yellow/silver decals) I purchased them last year and I thought that they were for campy 9/10spd hubs. I recently upgraded my bike/drivetrain to 10spd, but the cassette body does not seem to accept a 10spd cassette, 10spd seems just a little too big. Shouldn't all of these be 9/10spd? Any help would be appreciated!
should be the same...C-40
Feb 12, 2003 9:25 AM
Campy hubs can be used with 9 or 10 speed Campy cassettes. There is no difference in the length of the cassette body.

Are you using a campy cassette?

Does the smallest cog not engage the splines?

Does the lockring not engage the threads? Be sure that you have the correct lockring. There are two sizes. Older hubs have a 1mm smaller diameter thread. There is also a lockring just for the 11T cog and a 12/13T lockring. Be sure you have the correct lockring.

Be sure that there is not some type of spacer on the cassette body (near the largest cog) that needs to be removed (there shouldn't be).

Be sure that the cassette is completely seated against the left side of the cassette body.
re: rolf vector pro wheel compatibility (campy 9 vs 10)rogue_CT1
Feb 12, 2003 9:38 AM
Did you tighten down the lockring yet? They all look too big before the lockring is tightened. That should take out the slack. But, like the other post stated, make sure there is no spacer left on the hub.