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Conditioning Brooks saddle…(4 posts)

Conditioning Brooks saddle…LinuxDude
Feb 12, 2003 8:19 AM
I recently purchased a standard black Brooks B.17 saddle from for a very reasonable price. The first thing I tried doing was to apply some Proofide (by Brooks) on the upper surface of the leather. But unlink my other Brooks Champion Flyer (which I no longer have) the leather seems to have an impermeable surface. The Proofide just stays there and doesn't get soaked. BTW, I did give it a couple of days before wiping it dry. So, now I have to condition it from the under side.

Has anyone else here had a similar problem with their Brooks saddle? Could this saddle be a cheap imitation? I posed this same question to and no reply so far.

Got four of 'em, and...cory
Feb 12, 2003 8:41 AM
I had a 20-year-old Brooks Pro last year when it looked like the company would go out of business, and I bought two B-17s cheap on ebay just in case, and then somebody gave me another one. Two of my B-17s are the honey brown color, which soaks up Proofide better than the black one--it has some kind of glaze or finish that repels the stuff. The Pro had it originally, too, but it wore off long ago.
There's a section on Brooks care on the Rivendell site, I think, and Sheldon Brown has one, too. Rivendell admits there's some mystery and disagreement about the best treatment, but I've never seen any reason not to use the stuff made by the people who make the saddle. I've put Proofide on both sides of my Pro about twice a year since 1991, and it's fine--never needed tensioning or anything. The glaze will wear off eventually.
By the way, Riv cautions against treating too often, too--Grant says every six months is plenty.
No worry. It's fine. YouOldEdScott
Feb 12, 2003 9:21 AM
don't want the thing too soft anyway. It'll get saggy.

As Cory says, the honey really soaks it up, and in fact I 'overtreated' one I bought a couple of years ago because I didn't realize how spongelike it was. I've really had to tighten up the tensioning bolt.

If the black isn't soaking it in, it doesn't need it. Try again six months from now.
Pre-softened vs Standarddaniel_2001
Feb 12, 2003 1:44 PM
When I thought that Brooks was going out of business, I bought a Brooks saddle directly from England. The Pro, honey colored, with the big copper rivets. It was not presoftened, yet broke in faster than the pre-softened one. Anyway I love the comfort of the saddles.