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Alpha Q Sub 3 vs Reynolds Ouzo Pro Fork(3 posts)

Alpha Q Sub 3 vs Reynolds Ouzo Pro Forkaltidude
Feb 11, 2003 11:06 AM
How do these two forks rate against each other? Which would be better for your typical 160lb rider? Want a comfortable fork with also decent stiffness for climbing out of the saddle. Does the Alpha Q aluminum insert add much weight to the fork?
re: Alpha Q Sub 3 vs Reynolds Ouzo Pro Forkatpjunkie
Feb 11, 2003 9:04 PM
doesn't add much weight. problem is, once it's in, it's in. no further adjusting of star nut, no cutting of steer tube. It's glued in. IMHO they put the insert in because of the way the lay the Carbon. I've looked at a few cut tubes and their lay-up seemed unidirectional on a vertical axis. I don't like this, prefer x weave or better with Kevlar. if you get a chance check a new Pinarello fork. It's how it should be done (once again IMHO)
re: Alpha Q Sub 3 vs Reynolds Ouzo Pro Forkscorpionking
Feb 12, 2003 4:24 AM
The insert itself can not be changed once it is in, however, once it is in you treat it just as you would a steel steerer, you can cut it up to a maximum of 2 centimeters if you want to shorten your fork a bit, then you simply press down your starnut further the amount that you just cut off. 2 centimeters is almost a full inch, if you did not get your original length correct within 2 centimeters when you first cut the fork and glued in the insert something is wrong with the installer, not the fork. 2 centimeters is a lot of play on a threadless fork so cut it a bit conservatively above where you think you will end up needing it, glue in the insert and ride. If you later want it to be a bit lower, just cut it down a bit more up to 2 centimeters with a hack saw and have the starnut further pushed down. The aluminum insert is a really nice feature of this fork because it runs well down into the headtube basically giving your carbon steerer tube full support from the top of the headtube all the way to the stem. This completely eliminates flex issues and gives your carbon steerer fork more support above the headtube than any other carbon steerer on the market.