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Need help with a Sampson Stratics Crank(3 posts)

Need help with a Sampson Stratics CrankWheelwrite
Feb 11, 2003 9:50 AM
I recently purchased a Sampson Stratics Crankarm set--minus the chainring bolts. Although I can get the bolts from any LBS, my main concern is the bolt that fits behind the arm, a la Campy Record and Cannondale Coda. Anyone out there have access to one of these bolts? I just purchased it last night via an online auction service so I haven't received it yet, nor had a chance to look at what might be an alternative. I called Sampson direct and they were not able to help.

Thanks for any responses
re: Need help with a Sampson Stratics Crankjw25
Feb 11, 2003 10:45 AM
Well, I'm not too familiar with the Sampson crank, but the few hidden bolt designs I've seen either use a standard chainring bolt, and have a separate tab behindthe crankarm, or they use a longer bolt only, that screws directly into the arm. Typically, an inner chainring bolt works very well for these, and if you ask your LBS, they'll probably have a few hundred for you to choose from.
Check them for cracks.brider
Feb 11, 2003 11:40 AM
If I'm thinking of the right ones, these Sampsons are no longer in production because of serious failure problems. Even saw one first-hand. The problem is that the thinnest part of the cross section is at the highest stress point. You might want to have some x-ray analysis done to make sure they don't already have cracks starting.