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Gearing Question setup(9 posts)

Gearing Question setupchanhoward
Feb 11, 2003 8:42 AM
Hi all,
Thinking of building a low gear bike esp for climbing.
Should I :
1. Have a triple crankset front(e.g Ultegra/DA triple)with a road cassette(e.g 12-27) or
2. Have a normal double road crankset with a mountain bike cassette(e.g XTR/Xt 12-34 teeth)
please advise and reasons too.
Thanks everyone
re: Gearing Question setupVikingbiker7
Feb 11, 2003 8:51 AM
I would think that a triple with a 12-27 would be overkill, unless you were doing huge climbs with loaded panniers.

My old bike was a triple. I put a 12-23 on it and felt I had all the gearing I needed. The smaller jumps were handy in a pace line.
re: Gearing Question setupSteve Bailey
Feb 11, 2003 10:04 AM
This is somewhat a subjective question, as it depends on where you live and what kind of rider you are.

I live on Long Island, NY and ride with near corn-cob cassettes - 12-21 9 spd. My Heron road bike has the triple with the 12-21 and I get the range out of the triple.

My own setup has a 110 BCD crank with 24/36/50 rings, which gets me a low of 30 or so gear inches and a high of 112 or so, which I find is enough to keep me moving at 36 mph or so (downhill - of course !). I also learned from 10 years of riding at altitude in New Mexico and Colorado, plus many trips to upstate NY and Vermont, that a 30 inch low is sufficient for non-loaded rides.

I also remember many folks from the west who ride with a double and an XT rear derailer plus a 12-34 cassette. This seems to work fine for them as there's precious little flat where they need tight clusters, instead finding the jump between a 14 and 16, or 21 to 24 works just fine

To each his own is what it comes down to. If it were me and I had one road bike and was going on a single trip out west or in the hills, I might simply adapt the double crank bike for the trip with a wider range cassette and derailer. For your needs , it makes sense to go the triple route.

Steve Bailey
re: Gearing Question setupLC
Feb 11, 2003 11:54 AM
I have one bike with a Ultegra triple with a 12-27 and it works very well. I am surrounded by climbs of over 20% grade and when I am trying to do a recovery ride I gladly pull that bike out every time.
I used have the bike set up with a double and 12-34 and that worked fine too. The front shifted better, but the large gaps in the cassette were noticeable on the flats.
I'd get the triple.Spoke Wrench
Feb 11, 2003 2:20 PM
A triple crankset with a closer ratio cassette will keep your cadence closer to the "sweet spot," particularly on flatter rides.
re: Gearing Question setupTheKid
Feb 11, 2003 3:46 PM
I have an XT RD and have multiple cassettes for the rear wheel. I use a 13-30 when I am riding hills and 13-23 for rides in flatter areas. I find the jumps in the 13-30 too much for finding a comfortable gear in the flats.

( I am keeping my eye out for a good deal on another set of OPs so I only have to switch wheels )
re: Gearing Question setup - Shimano 10TheKid
Feb 11, 2003 3:48 PM
I heard someone mention that Shimano may be working on a 10 speed group. Anyone aware if this is true and if so when it would be available?
re: Gearing Question setup - Shimano 10atpjunkie
Feb 11, 2003 9:20 PM
Shimano will pas 10 and go to 11. Stupid IMHO. 9 is plenty.
They have a special chain for going above 10 gears and it's still in R&D. They also have plans for internal/external gear combos for more gears.
as far as gearing, if it's a triple go 11-23 or 12-25, I don't think you'll need a 27.
If you go double a 29 will more than suffice if you can find it.
I'm a bigger rider (6'4.5" 230 lbs) and I ride a double 53/39
13-26 (Campy) and I rarely wish for smaller gears.
Shimano 10 has arrived!!! It's now called Chorus!!Spunout
Feb 12, 2003 4:20 AM
53/39 and 13/29. You have your precious 16 tooth cog in a straightblock 13-17. 39/29 falls between 30/21 and 30/23.

All in a double setup. Can't afford Chorus, go Centaur 10.