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Campagnolo groupset with Shimano BB?(9 posts)

Campagnolo groupset with Shimano BB?24qq6vj
Feb 10, 2003 12:45 PM
My bike setup is full Veloce. Is it possible to use Shimano BB with the Campy? If yes, which type recommended?
re: Campagnolo groupset with Shimano BB?Rusty Coggs
Feb 10, 2003 2:24 PM
Kinda.The Shimano splined type is totally incomaptible,and the Shimano taper type is mildly incompatible due to slight difference in the tapers.A campy crank arm won't go on a shimnao taper quite as far as it should.It is posssible to run the mismatch without serious consequences,but once done one should not go back the the other way.UN-72 is best bang for buck.
Feb 10, 2003 2:24 PM
Although the tapers are the same angle, the campy spindle is slightly smaller. You're stuck with campy or a high-buck unit like a Phil Wood.
no....Rusty Coggs
Feb 10, 2003 3:29 PM
It actually does work, and many have run the mismatch without even realizing it.I recently pulled a campy crank off a shimano BB taper that had been in use for some time before I got the bike and I had ridden it over a year,befoe pulling it apart.No sign of a problem, other than the crank obviously could have gone on a bit further.
Feb 11, 2003 4:51 AM
Sure the taper is the same, but the crank won't go far enough onto the spindle to establish the correct chainline.

I guess you could buy a 107mm shimano spindle length and cross your fingers that it would substitute for a 111mm campy. Not a bright idea though.
not wrongRusty Coggs
Feb 11, 2003 8:22 AM
But I won't waste time arguing with you over a couple mm of chainline.In the days of cup and cone BB there were lots of chainline mismatches. Some bad,some not so bad. Chainline can be messed with on purpose to bias it either toward the big or samll cogs for specific purposes.Some people loose alot of sleep over it.
re: Campagnolo groupset with Shimano BB?scorpionking
Feb 10, 2003 2:58 PM
If you go Shimano BB then use a Shimano crank. Why are you wanting to run only a Shimano BB?
Your chain line will be off by a few mmKerry Irons
Feb 10, 2003 6:19 PM
Whether this is a problemd depends on your setup. Shimano BBs that are square taper are only the low end ones now. Then there's the question of why you want to use such a cheap BB, but that's your issue.
Un-72 (ultegra) is low end? nmRusty Coggs
Feb 10, 2003 8:27 PM