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Opinions on cheap carbon forks?(2 posts)

Opinions on cheap carbon forks?wilier
Feb 8, 2003 8:57 PM
Specifically I'm talking about Performance Bike and Supergo carbon forks with aluminum steerers.

I have a Ritchey Road Classic (yes, yes - I'm sure it's not a Road Logic) which has sort of become my second bike. It's being dressed up for longer, more comfortable rides than I can take my Wilier on. Currently, I have the standard Ritchey fork on the bike. This is the old Tange Prestige tubing, not the new Nitanium stuff.

Question 1: I assume Performance gets it's stuff from a decent manufacturer - can I really go wrong in terms of having a higher failure rate compared to another fork (such as Reynolds)?

Question 2: Will even a cheap carbon fork like this ride better than my steel fork? (assume same rake - I'm just talking material) Remember, I'm going for comfort over long distances.

Question 3: If you could get one of these things for $100, would you really pay $300 more for a better known fork(vanity aside)?
hoping to "steer" you in the right directionthe bull
Feb 9, 2003 2:29 PM
the steel fork you have on you bike should be more
than comfortable.
my old steel fork was much more comfy then my carbon one
a carbon fork will give you a smooth ride but it will
mostly be lighter.
I would stick a wider tire on the bike say a 25.
this would be cheaper
also with a 1" steerer i would stay away from carbon steerer
if you still want a carbom fork check out they have look hcs3 forks for $155