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Odd USPS component choice(10 posts)

Odd USPS component choiceseyboro
Feb 8, 2003 4:47 AM
Reading through February's CycleSport (BTW, what gives?...reprinting the SI article??), I came across a tidbit that has not seen much discussion, I believe. What, other than sponsorship pressure from the 'Big S', would get Armstrong to use an XT headset, presumably with a conversion piece to run the threadless Deda stem?
Judging from various pictures, the 2002 setup looks slightly different from the 2000, threaded nevertheless. Any opinions?
Shimano doesn't make an integrated headset..Dave Hickey
Feb 8, 2003 5:33 AM
And they don't make a 1 1/8" Dura Ace threaded. If he has to use Shimano, he has no choice than to use a drilled out 1 1/8 XT headset.
Shimano doesn't make an integrated headset..seyboro
Feb 8, 2003 6:11 AM
This would seem like an ill-fated marketing ploy. Surely, Shimano would not expect for the millions of Armstrong fans to switch to a setup as cumbersome as this. In addition, other shimano sponsored teams and riders (Leipheimer/Rabobank, teams Fassa Bortolo, FdJ, 7up-Nutrafig, etc.) run threadless and/or integrated systems without sponsor meddling.
As I understand, the sponsorship contracts of various teams require them to run the full component group. However, XT is hardly part of the dura-ace line lineup and having to drill out part to make them compatible does not seem like a viable option to sell to consumers. Odd to me, still...
Shimano doesn't make an integrated headset..Dave Hickey
Feb 8, 2003 9:30 AM
I agree with you. Also, I should have said Shimano doesn't make a threadless road headset(they don't make integrated either). I'm sure the next generation DA group will have some sort of threadless headset.
Shimano doesn't make an integrated headset..the other Tim
Feb 8, 2003 10:56 AM
It may not be about promotion. Often when developing a new product, I have taken an existing product and modified it for R&D. After initial testing, "partner" customers get the R&D version while the redesign is turned over to manufacturing for production. Sometimes I just take a part to the shop and hack it up; then it winds up in a customer's hands before the CAD drawing is done.

I have no way of knowing what's up at Shimano, but they certainly have put other products on pro's bike before releasing them. The modified XT HS may be the prototype for the (long overdue) DA threadless. Just a WAG.
Interesting point...seyboro
Feb 8, 2003 3:23 PM
...could be the Shimano version of the '4-year-R&D-Chris-King-not-yet-bottom-bracket' deal. I suppose, the jump from threaded prototype to threadless production is smaller than I thought.
And while we're on the topic of 'overdue', they might want to consider a black dura-ace seat post to offer an alternative for the consumer wanting to match the looks of most stems.
Shimano doesn't make an integrated headset..TimePedal
Feb 8, 2003 3:24 PM
Shimano hasn't made a threadless headset not because they are incapable, but they refuse to pay Dia-compe (I believe they were the first) to use their design. Since it's a patented design, gotta pay to use it. Not a new thing to take out the threads of an XT or DA headset. Lots of teams do it, including rabobank, USPS and other Shimano sponsored teams. In case anyone was wondering why not a XTR headset? It's actually heavier than the XT.
That would explain it. nmseyboro
Feb 8, 2003 3:42 PM
anyone know what the bottom cup is?darbo
Feb 10, 2003 5:24 AM
... as pictured in cycle sport, the bottom headset cup looks a bit different than Cane Creek item they stick on the stock 5900s, (no rounded profile, matte finish), and presumably isn't XT (bottom steerer diameter is 1 1/4 on the 5900). Any ideas?
anyone know what the bottom cup is?TimePedal
Feb 10, 2003 7:47 AM
the one in a cyclesport was a special one they had made since the bottom diameter was 1 1/4. This design never went into production. If you look at the USPS's team current 5900, it's the stock ones.