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road stem +10 rise(3 posts)

road stem +10 riseross
Feb 6, 2003 7:43 PM
I looking for a threadless stem with +10 or higher does anyone know who makes one? thanks
lots of optionstarwheel
Feb 7, 2003 5:29 AM
Generally, what you are looking for are stems with logos that don't look upside down when you flip them. (You can flip any stem but it looks kind of stupid to have an upside logo.) Some good examples of "flippable" +/-10 stems are the 3T Forgie and Zepp, and Ritchey WCS. The Forgie is a muscular looking stem that looks great on a bike with oversized tubing, the Zepp and the Ritchey are narrower. For a less expensive option, the Profile H2O is available in a range of rises and reaches and only costs $25-40.

For stems with larger rises, check out the Ritchey Pro (+17) and Salsa SUL (+15). The Ritchey Pro looks just like the WCS, but is slightly heavier and has a black (rather than silver) face cap. The Salsa looks great on steel frames with narrow tubing because it's not as fat as most threadless stems. The Salsa is not flippable, so make sure you buy one with a positive rise as the logo will be upside down if you flip a -15 SUL. All of these stems come in a range of reaches and some in different rises. All of them also have removable face caps, which is a real plus. The removable cap makes it much, much simpler to swap out stems because you don't have to remove your handlebar tape, brakes, etc.

I have tried all of these stems mentioned except the Zepp. Ritchey and Salsa stems are hard to beat quality-wise, as well as the Forgie. The H2O is perfectly functional but perhaps not as nice looking as the others. One other thing, most stems now are fit for 1-1/8" head tubes. If your bike has a 1" head tube, make sure the stem comes with a shim that will make it fit properly.

The best prices I have seen for stems is a
define "rise"...C-40
Feb 7, 2003 6:01 AM
Unfortunately, road bikers and the MTB crowd don't share the same definition of rise. The road definition is usually the actual rise of the stem relative to the ground. In this case a traditional 73 degree stem would have zero rise, an 80 degree stem a 7 degree rise, and 84 degree stem an 11 degree rise and so on.

MTB riders like to call a 90 degree stem a "zero rise", when the stem is atually angled about 17 degrees upward. A 10 degree rise would actually be a 100 degree stem, which angles 27 degrees from the ground. A 100 degree angle is produce by flipping an 80 degree stem upside down.