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Bibshorts for men - highest chamois in front - redux(1 post)

Bibshorts for men - highest chamois in front - reduxsodade
Feb 6, 2003 11:24 AM
I have this problem with the chamois on shorts not coming up far enough in the front. Must have something to do with my anatomy 'cause I am averagely "endowed," but every performance bibshort I have tried has too low of a chamois in the front and invariably during a ride, I end up on the fricking seam - not good! I bought some of the low end Assos shorts and they are much better, but I don't really like the chamois material 'cause I have to use tons of cream on them and it makes me sweat and stick. I bought a pair of the high end Castellis and, while I love the chamois, they have the same problem with not coming up high enough in the front. Can anybody recommend alternate shorts that I can try?
p.s. I am 5'11'' 150ish lbs

Here is the update - any additional comments greatly appreciated:

Suggested brands:
1. Nalini - cheap, but the pad felt like a lumpy diaper and didn't come up high enough at all.
2. Velowear - the pad didn't come up far enough at all (worse than the Castelli bib) and the leg elastic was flakey.
3. Colorado Cyclist - haven't tried these yet, but they were recommended by the the same person who recommended the velowear bibs so I am not so sure.

can anyone else reccomend any other bibs? Does anyone know if the higher end Assos bibs have better chamois/pads?

Thanks in advance