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New chain prep(8 posts)

New chain prepfracisco
Feb 5, 2003 8:17 AM
I have already used the "SEARCH" feature of the forum to look for the answer to this question. I got a lot of hits, but not what I was looking for.

How do I get that stuff off of my new chain that the Shimano factory applied? I think that stuff will just attract a ton of dirt and grit.
re: New chain prepcycleaddict
Feb 5, 2003 8:52 AM
Just oil your new chain like you did your old one and RIDE!!
Learn to relax, don't sweat the small stuff. Replace the silly chain every 1500 miles and keep on RIDING!!!
re: New chain prepmaximum15
Feb 5, 2003 9:05 AM
Two methods I have used are (1) spray with simple green, hose off, dry, mount, and use my special lube blend. (2)clean in a bucket of mineral spirtis, wipe off excess, mount, and use my special lube blend. My special lube blend is 1 part 30W oil to 4 parts mineral spirts.
I'm with youpmf1
Feb 5, 2003 9:14 AM
I know I'll get flamed for this, but I remove all that waxy crap on chains before I install them. It does attract dirt and is hard to clean off later. If its such great stuff (an argument for leaving it on), then why doesn't anyone sell thick goopy lube?

Soak the chain in a can of mineral spirits before you install it. All the gunk comes right off. This results in a very dry chain that should be lubed immediately, otherwise it begins to rust.
re: New chain prepjw25
Feb 5, 2003 10:46 AM
The stuff is basically a preservative grease, meant to keep the chain from rusting while it waits to be used. I use a plastic bottle (peanut butter works well) full of hot water and simple green to remove it. Just shake and let sit for a few minutes, repeat if necessary, and rinse thoroughly.
SRAM chains are supposed to come coated with a wonder-lube, but in practice, I've found them to be as sticky. I'd clean them, too.
Not to mention, a clean chain is a lot more fun to size and mount than a slippery, greasy one.
Once it's on the bike and dry, be sure to lube it well to prevent internal rust.
re: New chain prepJimP
Feb 5, 2003 10:58 AM
I use naptha (lighter fluid) to clean the chain. You can use the plastic bottle technique or soak it in a coffee can. I don't like any water based products on "my" chains that can get into the links. I follow the naptha cleaning with a soak in hot wax - the old fashioned way.
I would light in on fire to quick dry it and then lube. (nm)Quack
Feb 5, 2003 11:09 AM
If chain already installeddeHonc
Feb 5, 2003 2:24 PM
Then I use a Park Tool Chain cleaner - no need to remove chain - cleans off all the paraffin goo, hose off then lube. Wipe all the lube off again with a rag and relube. Repeat. Presto - clean, lubed chain. Park tool cleaner costs about $30.00 and for me has been money well spent.