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levers for small hands(4 posts)

levers for small handsHoby
Feb 5, 2003 6:46 AM
I am getting a new bike and want to put Campy record on it but I have very small(female) hands and am worried the levers will be too big. The new Ultegra levers are reach adjustable. So the other option is to put Ultegra levers with the rest Dur-Ace. Any opinions?
I think Rivendell has some in the catalog...cory
Feb 5, 2003 8:32 AM
I have big hands, so I didn't pay much attention, but I think I remember seeing some levers in the Rivendell catalog that Grant said worked with small hands. Check
re: levers for small handsC-40
Feb 5, 2003 9:11 AM
Campy levers do have a little longer reach to the brake levers, with the hands in the drops. Terry makes some women's bars with a notch on the inner part of the drop that allegedly reduces the reach to the levers. Other bars that claim reduced reach are the Deda anatomic and the expensive TTT "More" carbon fiber bar. The TTT bar shape is very unusual. The drop section appears to be much more vertical than other anatomic designs. I'm skeptical that they would produce a comfortable angle between the arm and wrist, but I haven't tried them. I also find that riding without gloves helps make it easier to reach the brake levers. As long as I can reach the levers with the one or two fingers, I'm satisfied. I spend 90% of my time on the brake hoods, where reaching the levers from the top is not a problem. For reference, the length of my longest finger is only 3 inches.
Use the ST-R600 (Ultegra) nmcyclequip
Feb 7, 2003 3:40 AM