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why mix shimano and campy drivetrain components?(4 posts)

why mix shimano and campy drivetrain components?tommy t
Feb 3, 2003 11:23 PM
Personally, I have no clue why anyone would want to mix "drivetrain" components of shimano and campy. They are designed to work together. Tolerances and specs whether it's .1mm or greater for cassette spacing, chain width, bottom bracket spindle length, crank specs, freehub, ect. I think any campy engineer or shimano engineer would frown upon anyone that would mix the two. I wouldn't consider doing it myself, either go one way or the other whether it's 7, 8, 9, or 10 speed.

As for BOBOBO posting this response to my previous post:

"I have built up $6000 bike for customers using this mix of drivetrain components, it works, Learn the facts before opening your yapper, no information is far better than misinformatiuon."

I truly feel sorry for that customer that bought a $6000 bike with a mix drivetrain from you! Sure, you fiddle and tinker to try to make things work but that doesn't mean you should.
the reasoning...C-40
Feb 4, 2003 5:28 AM
The main reason to change cranks is a perceived superiority of the Shimano BB and the 70 gram lighter crank. The centerline spacing on both cranks is 43.5mm, so the chainline is not an issue. It will require two additional new tools to install the shimano BB. Personally, I think the Campy crank looks better and I've never had any problem with the BB. If I wanted something lighter, I'd get an FSA 10 speed carbon crank with an ISIS BB.

The brakes have also been sighted as another place to trim a few grams from the Record group. Can't argue with that. Once again, I like the looks of the Campy brakes and don't care about an ounce or two.

Some folks regularly use a shimano 9 cassette with a campy 9 drivetrain. The shifting will be more difficult to adjust and the derailleur alignment not as good, but it's obviously useable.

Some folks want to change from shimano to campy at minimal expense. If they are satisfied with only 9 speeds and less than optimum shifting, they can get by with only a change in the shifters and rear derailleur. A 10 speed conversion will require a wheels manufacturing 10 speed cassette and a 10 speed chain at the minimum.
intolerance for ambiguityweiwentg
Feb 4, 2003 5:54 AM
of course Shimano is designed to work with Shimano, and ditto for Campy. of course Shimano's and Campy's engineers would frown on it - they're getting paid by their respective companies! but none of that means their components won't work together.
lastly, it sounds like bobobo's customers ordered that mixed spec, not that he foisted it off on them. besides, why shouldn't he tinker with things? not violating some law, is he?
C40 just gave you the main reasons for mixing components (although I think the claimed weights of DA and Record brakes are almost the same). for me, I needed to change to Campy on the cheap, which meant just shifters and derailleurs. I'd have kept the crank/BB in any case. 70grams lighter does mean quite a bit to me, and the cost-benefit ratio for carbon cranks is terribly low. besides, I prefer the way the DA crank looks.
Beceause...Steve Bailey
Feb 5, 2003 6:49 AM
They may be designed to work together, but that's not to say they always work well...

Case in point. I setup my Heron for long road rides, hilly rides, supported tours etc... My first component group had Ultegra triple STI - 30/42/52 crank etc...

It sucked.

The 42/52 combo allows for too many overlapping gears, which is one reason the 39/53 is so popular. The 30 isn't small enough to get the kind of low gearing I wanted without swapping to a cassette I didn't want. Yes, I went to a 24 but found the jump to a 42 a bit much. The shifting generally sucked in the front, with a lot of rub due to the inability of the Ultegra front STI to adequately trim the derailer.

Thus I'm now running Centaur Ergo levers, with the front Ergo lever providing terrific trim capability on an Ultegra triple front derailer. The crank is a 110BCD with 24/36/50 rings, which when combined with a Wheels Manufacturing 12-21 cassette (Ultegra hub) gives me both tight clusters plus good range.

This setup is NOT available on any stock Shimano or Campy component group, yet works and functions quite well.

Steve B.