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Wheels Manufacturing Cassette(4 posts)

Wheels Manufacturing Cassetteslide
Feb 2, 2003 9:37 AM
Have any of you tried one of these cassettes? It's basically a 10spd Campy spaced cassette that will fit Shimano wheels. I want to upgrade to Campy, but not having to buy new wheels would make it a lot easier (I'm running the stock Brontragers that came with my bike and there isn't a campy freehub body for those)

re: Wheels Manufacturing Cassetteseyboro
Feb 2, 2003 3:46 PM
The Wheels Mfg. cassette has worked well for me. Very smooth shifting. The downside is the price, of course. Also, I run Chris King hubs on the shimano-equipped 'rain ride', wanted to use them w/Campy, but alas-they are not compatible. You may wish to ask the tech guys at Trek.
Lastly, American Classic make a conversion cassette as well, and not at $160 a pop.
re: Wheels Manufacturing Cassetterogue_CT1
Feb 2, 2003 11:07 PM
I use the Dura Ace conversion to Campy 10 speed. It works great. They even machined the teeth on the gears to work the same as Campy's ultra-drive system. This ensures that the cassette shifts smoothly. The weight is about the same as the Campy steel/Ti cassette and the $156 price tag is just about par for a Campy steel/ Ti cassette. I highly recommend the cassette. Excel sports had the best price, fork out the extra $20 or so and go with the DA cassette.
re: Wheels Manufacturing Cassettekoala
Feb 3, 2003 4:55 PM
Works great. My only complaint is I cant get a 12-25 with the same cogs as my campy cassette. No biggie, really.