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Light tubie wheel Q(9 posts)

Light tubie wheel QWoof the dog
Feb 1, 2003 5:07 PM
1. Good stuff? Can I trust him? I am planning on having a light rear tubular wheel built. I thought the price that he sells wheels for is very good: say 220 a wheel while a hub itself from Am.classic costs the same. As much as my lbs wants to give me a discount, I think he will be losing money on me if he orders all the parts and builds the wheel.

I am looking for a stiff rear wheel, laterally. I am 140 pounds, and I need your input on what spokes and how many to use? I was thinking Revo spokes, aluminum nipples, 32 or maybe 36? I don't know. This will be my racing wheelset. I do not care about aerodynamics, but maybe bladed spokes would be stiffer?

Another question pertaining to part one is what rim should I use? I am not sure i can find another gel 280, and I don't think it is beefy enough. Do you have any recommendations for a tubie rim that builds well and is not flimsy considering my weight?

What about spoke pattern? I was thinking 2 cross on both sides. Or maybe 1 cross on nondrive, hahaha?

2. Front wheel is mavic gel 280, AC micro hub 28 hole Revo spokes, radial, spoke heads out. I am afraid this is going to be a wheel that will rub the pads when going hard up the climbs. Is there any sense in rebuilding the wheel (I haven't even ridden it yet!) with spoke heads in to make it laterally stiffer? Can I reuse the spokes?

Thank you much in advance

Woof the dog.
re: Light tubie wheel QCobbicus
Feb 2, 2003 7:10 AM
If I were you, I would steer clear of OddsandEndos. His wheel builds are not up to par with more reputable companies; i.e. American Classic, Joe Young Wheels, Speed Dream wheels, etc.

I would recommend you go with your local dealer, and support him/her. The gentleman who owns OddsandEndos is well known for underselling product, and this in turn has annoyed many a dealer (most of whom have a store, pay rent, etc, whilst OddsandEndos is run from a house). Such to the extent that some of his suppliers may be dropping him shortly. I work in the industry, hence I am a little privy to some of it's goings on.

Whichever way you decide to go, good luck.
I call BSweiwentg
Feb 2, 2003 5:35 PM
Mike Garcia has a good reputation on MTBR. a very good one. this covers both skills and trustworthiness. his prices are good - that could easily be construed as underselling by anyone.
it's very easy to sling mud anonymously. it also doesn't take much courage. if you have a beef with Mr Garcia, I challenge you to state your name and place of work, and air it on (the wheel building forum would be a good place, since Mike posts there often).
until you do this, I would suggest that everyone else treat you as some disgruntled customer out to stain someone's name. maybe you do have a legitimate beef, and if so, I apologize. but if you want to attack someone, you jolly well back it up with hard facts and by signing your name to what you say.
odds&endos vs speeddreamWoof the dog
Feb 2, 2003 5:43 PM

I did a search for oddsandendos, and nothing negative came up. At the same time, this is gonna be in the back of my mind.

Woof the dog.
odds&endos vs speeddreamwerdna
Feb 2, 2003 7:36 PM
since when do dogs ride tubulars? i know dogs that like to eat glue and you could poison yourself.

on a more serious note, how's UVM racing going? cornell racing is going okay. one of our fastest guys is taking the semester off to train for the US national triathlon team but he will be able to race with us occasionally. i'm training pretty hard but i'm not peaking until after the collegiate season.

Feb 3, 2003 6:51 AM
I have purchased a wheel from Mike - and I would/will again when I desire new wheels. He was great on the phone in helping plan the build - and his build quality is outstanding. Yes he does work out of his house, and yes his prices are very good - so much so that it appears to be offending other dealers/retailers.
If you can't compete in service, product, or price... :-)Bianchi4Me
Feb 3, 2003 12:20 PM
Then your only option is to "compete" by anonymous character assasination, isn't it?

I'm Mike Garcia, the owner of Odds and Endos, and I'm not ashamed to use my real identity here.

If you work in the "industry", why are you too ashamed to say who you are or where you work? Because you know your employer wouldn't tolerate this kind of "sneak attack" trash-talk on the internet? If you're too embarassed about what you have to say to stand behind it, then why say it all?

Where does your alleged "insider knowledge" come from?

Straight out of your imagination.

Can you actually name any of these alleged suppliers who will be "dropping" me shortly? No, because they don't exist.

The exact opposite is true. We are adding new parts suppliers and expanding our product base for 2003, Interloc Racing Design being one.

I invest the money up front to maintain a large inventory of wheel components, while most local shops wait until the customer walks in the door and then try to order just enough parts for two wheels. That's why my pricing is lower. Because I invest a lot of money up front to be able to obtain parts in quanity.

As far as annoying dealers, that's certainly true. They want to "earn" a $300 profit for making one phone call to order a pre-built $700-$800 wheelset for a customer. Having people out there that actually work for their customer's money by building tailor-made custom wheels annoys the heck out of folks who'd prefer to earn a living just making phones calls to suppliers. They don't want to deal with the hassle of field testing dozens of components, stocking thousands of spokes, or the hours of work involved in building high-quality custom wheels. They want to just be able to sit back, make a phone call to Am Classic or Mavic, and cash in a 30-50% markup. I can see why other businesses that do put in the time and money to beat them in selection, service, guarantee, and price are "annoying" indeed.

As far as my wheels being "not up to par", I'd love to know how a gent who has never owned one can make that claim. Considering my "returned for refund" rate for all of last year was exactly ZERO wheels, the folks who actually have ridden them appear to be satisfied. Nobody is perfect, and I do sometimes have to sevice wheels for my customers. I certainly don't claim to put myself ahead of all the folks you mentioned in terms of quality. I'm sure their work is excellent and their customers are happy too. I'd rather focus on improving my own business than spend time trashing others anyway :-).

Ride Hard,
I have only heard good things about Mikes wheels! nmMerlinMan
Feb 3, 2003 4:07 PM
Hey Corncobbicus, a link for you to peruse.......IAmtnbikr
Feb 3, 2003 4:42 PM
First off, I am more than happy with my AC CR350's, 28-hole version. I weigh 170, and have had NO troubles. Mike, you did an excellent job on the build, and I will always send buyers your direction. Superb build quality, superb service. What more can you ask for Cobbicus? Why bash someone, or have you personally used a set of Mike's wheels? In closing Mr. Cobbicus, here is a link just for you:
Have a nice day, bozo.