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DA cassett with ultegra group ???(4 posts)

DA cassett with ultegra group ???superdog
Feb 1, 2003 1:58 PM
I am buying a new set of wheels with DA hubs. My bike has Ultegra components. Should I stick with a new Ultegra cassette or get a DA cassette for this wheelset?

Also, what maintenance is required with DA hubs? Are they maintenance free?
re: DA cassette with ultegra group ???seyboro
Feb 1, 2003 2:47 PM
The Dura Ace cassette will be a little lighter, the Ultegra cassettes might last a little longer (mostly depending on your drivetrain maintenance). Since I have not used DA hubs, I cannot comment on their maintenace needs. In general, riding in the rain and muck regularly, will require more attention. Take them off the bike occasionally and check for smoothness. If they are getting a little rough, it's time...
DA cassett with ultegra group ???..Nodavet
Feb 1, 2003 4:33 PM
You don't need to run a Dura-Ace cassette with an Ultegra group. They are virtually indentical performance-wise and fit-wise, with Ultegra being less expensive. So stay with your Ultegra cassette, it will work perfectly.

Dura-Ace hubs are slightly lighter than Ultegra hubs and the maintenance on both is exactly the same. Neither is maintenance free. You should clean and regrease the hub ball bearings generally once a year, unless you are riding in inclement conditions frequently. Then more frequent cleaning and regreasing, three or four time yearly. The hubs, with proper maintenance should last you many years.
DA cassett with ultegra group ???..Noatpjunkie
Feb 5, 2003 4:43 PM
only diff. between the two is D/A has (I think) 4 titanium cogs out of the 9 where Ultegra has none. this is what makes the weight diff. and no it's not worth the $$$