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shimano 9 chainring thickness??(2 posts)

shimano 9 chainring thickness??C-40
Jan 30, 2003 5:25 PM
I would like to know the thickness of a shimano 9 speed chainring, in the area which contacts the chain. A 7/8 speed chainring measures .079-.080 inch (2.0mm). A micrometer or dial caliper is required to take this measurement.

For anyone interested, a Campy 10 chainring measures .075 inch or .1mm thinner than a 7/8 chainring.

I'm curious if shimano narrowed the 9 speed chainring. If it's not any narrower than a 7/8 chainring, a 10 speed chain is an extremely tight fit, with only a few thousandths of an inch clearance between the chain and the ring.
re: shimano 9 chainring thickness??bobobo
Jan 30, 2003 7:32 PM
Can't comment on the thickness of the Shimano 9 speed chainrings. However, Lennard Zinn himself, uses a Shimano 9 speed Dura Ace crankset with standard Shimano 9 speed chainrings on several of his Campagnolo Record 10 outfitted road bikes. According to him the shifting is perfect using the Shimano crankset and this guy in all honesty has probably forgotten more about components, bike building and general road bike mechanical issues than most would learn in a couple lifetimes. There's a good reason why he's Velonews head techie. If it works for him, it works period regardless of the chainring thickness. Wish I could have answered the actual question asked, but I'm guessing the reason for its asking was whether it worked or not.