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Tufo Tires(7 posts)

Tufo Tirestandem
Jan 30, 2003 9:12 AM
Has anybody had much experience with these tires? I'm looking to run a set of S3-Lite 215's or the Elites. I plan on using them for Crits and RR's. Do they wear well and how are they with flatting?
How much do you puncture?The Singletrackroadie
Jan 30, 2003 9:45 AM
Hate it sooooooooo much. Look firstly don't ride in crap next to the road, let your competion ride there. Secondly the tufo glue/slime, call it what you like, works very well if you go through thorn, but if it is a piece of glass, it never seals and your race is finished. (Can't put in a spare tube.) They don't last that well, for the price that you are paying. Stick to Conti Grand prix 3000. Personal choice. Did I say it too heavy?
re: Tufo TiresJimP
Jan 30, 2003 10:55 AM
I used the S3 lites year before last. I had 3 failures at the valvestem. The sealer will seal a little hole, like a paper staple would make (yes, I pulled one out of the rear tire) but... The sealer will gum up the inside of the valvestem and make it hard to inflate the tire. They don't wear as well as a Conti Sprinter and didn't give me the cornering confidence either.
Good tires!!Alexx
Jan 30, 2003 11:18 AM
I've used S33 specials and S22's. both are really good tires, but each have their negatives, too.
As far as the Tufo sealant-yes, it does work! You need to put 14ml into a tyre, according to the instructions. some guys try to get 3 or 4 uses out of a 2-tire tube, and then they b!tch that it doesn't work! Oh, well....
I've never had valvestem problems with any of my tires, and, aside from that one guy, neither has anybody else, it seems. Yes, the sealant will gunk up the valve over time, but, since the valves are removeable, just soak them in hot water, and they'll be fine. Also, you can replace the valve periodically-they are the same as those in Conti Sprinters and Vittoria Corsas...
My S33 specials are super-hard rubber-wear like iron, and are nearly flat-proof, but not a lot of grip...
The S22's are really good, even if they are a bit heavier (275g??), but the rubber is soft, they corner well, and the thick rubber gives you a long life.
Of course, if you puncture the side of a tufo, it's junk. Still, most flats are on the tread, and the sealant does work in most instances.
Conti Sprinters do corner well, but are heavy (281-283g), and wear far to quickly for a $60 tire. Vittoria Corsas are good, corner well, and ride nicely, but they flat too easily, and those d@mn latex tubes leak like a seive!
As far as the guy suggesting Conti 3k's is concerned: Hey, buddy-we're talking about TUBULARS here!!
S3lite's can be had for about $45, about the same as Vitt corsas, and less than sprinters. IMHO, they are worth it.
FYI !!JimP
Jan 31, 2003 1:23 PM
The S3 Lites are tubeless tires and have had many quality control issues. If you are paying more than $33 for Conti Sprinters in the US, you are being had.
Where the heck do you find $33 Sprinters???Alexx
Feb 1, 2003 7:50 AM
Even Nashbar is charging $59 for them!! There was a place in Toronto, Canada selling them for about that price, but they were only in funky colors, and you had to pay about $10 shipping (not to mention customs, if applicable). Besides, the last sprinters I bought were 33g heavier than advertised, one was so poorly sewn it was lumpy, they flatted both within 300 miles, and then the base tape started to come off...
My LBS charges $64 for them. Not worth it.
Where the heck do you find $33 Sprinters???JimP
Feb 1, 2003 1:25 PM
LaBicicletta in Toronto $33 for black/black and SDeals is even cheaper but takes longer to ship from the UK. The trick is to buy at least 3 at a time since the shipping is usually the same as for one. Last spring I bought 3 from SDeals at $27 each, including shipping. There is no duty on tires - especially from Canada.