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My brake blocks 'bleed'...normal??(3 posts)

My brake blocks 'bleed'...normal??ParticleMan
Jan 30, 2003 6:55 AM
Hi All
I need some advise here. I use Campy record brakes, about 700km so far on them, and here in Singapore, its the rainy monsoon season. So, I often have been riding in the rain or on wet roads.

However, I notice that the brake blocks leave a smudge on the rims, and emit a black ooze which coats the rims..and when i try to wipe it off, it takes quite a while until its dry..and when its wet, it happens again...what gives? Perhaps its the wet roads and water mixed with some oil?

I mean, is this normal in wet weather? Do i have defective blocks? I can still brake OK, and stopping power is fine for wet weather..but its such a chore cleaning the rims, tire sidewalls and brake blocks.

Anyone got any advise or suggestions or comments? Greatly appreciated. Thanks
re: My brake blocks 'bleed'...normal??seyboro
Jan 30, 2003 3:39 PM
Your problem is quite normal in rainy weather. I ride both dura-ace and Record equipped bikes - water is not brand-loyal, the brakepads will leave smudge on both.
I clean the rims and pads with a rag and some alcohol. On occasion, I sand the pads down lightly, then clean again. Also, wiping down the rims immediately after the ride seems to help.
re: My brake blocks 'bleed'...normal??ParticleMan
Jan 30, 2003 7:13 PM
Thanks, good to know that. I really like your line - 'water is not brand loyal' !! Darn, so much for the campy mantras and feng shui adjustment of bike! Have a good ride.