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Cateye OS1.1(4 posts)

Cateye OS1.1ParticleMan
Jan 29, 2003 8:01 AM
Hi all. Anyone with experience, comment or rants about this cycle computer please? I am really interested in getting it. Thanks!!
re: Cateye OS1.1Rob Sal
Jan 29, 2003 10:53 AM
I have an OS1.0 I bought it more for its styling rather than the info archive function. Easy to set up etc.
I'm not sure whether other Cateyes do this; you can select which normal functions you wish the computer to show. So for example I don't need the odometer function, so you can deselect it in the set up menu and then out on the road each press of the mode button(s) will shuttle through, clock, avg speed, max speed, trip distance, then back to clock. You can set up the screen font size so you can have one big set of figures or two sets (at various sizes).

The unit itself is waterproof but water does effect the mount contacts, so in the rain it's likely to show you are doing 234mph.

If you are buying this computer for the archive function, then I hope the OS 1.1 has improved the various bugs that were known about on the 1.0.

It can usually be relied upon to tell you, correctly, about your last ride, including date, avg speed, distance, time etc. But when it comes to telling you last weeks total miles it will often add miles you didn't actually do that week (apparently it can accidentally add miles from a previous week) Also your rides at 234mph in the rain will affect your miles etc. So I don't use this function AT ALL.
It says in the instructions that you can input your previous mileage from an old computer (not in order to produce the archive or little graphs though) and the odometer will start from that mile you put in, but it doesn't. It displays this mileage somewhere completly different in the set up menu which is a pain to find, hence my non use of the odometer at all, I prefer to keep a cycling diary for that purpose.

Various gimmicks make the battery last a lot less than my old Avocet's. The archive will run the battery down as well as setting the screen too dark. Every morning it tells you to have a nice day, it wished me a happy birthday when I went out for a ride on my birthday! Last Saturday it wished me a happy new year!! It once told me I had cycled (total miles not trip distance!) the equivalent length of the Japanese mainland!

As an ordinary computer with fancy screen display options the OS 1.0 is great, but the archive, for me, is a waste of time.
re: Cateye OS1.1Mike Prince
Jan 29, 2003 2:38 PM
I know when they came out with the 1.1 that there was a deal where 1.0 owners who registered for warranty could get a new 1.1 free.

The only caveat was that you had to send them the old head unit. By then my POS was in the trash. It was pretty snazzy but the bugs you described really spoiled the experience for me.

re: Cateye OS1.1Rob Sal
Jan 30, 2003 1:14 AM
Yeah I saw the 1.0- 1.1 swap offer but couldn't see anything that made it clear that it was available in the UK too. As a normal computer it is fine though.