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q) re gettin new wheels(4 posts)

q) re gettin new wheelswolfereeno
Jan 24, 2003 2:40 PM
Any prefs between Speeddream and American Classic wheels? They seem pretty similar to me (as a non-wheel expert). I'm looking to replace a defective set of Cosmos with something much better. My budget tops out at 500 bucks. I don't race. But I love climbing and ride hard. I weigh around 160lbs. I'm not too worried about tough repairs, I live in a city with some good shops.

I don't have any major preferences other than clincher, something light but not stoopid light, durable, comfortable, and lastly kind of interesting looking.

How do the above wheels compare with something like Rolf Vector Pros or Spinergy? I've seen them used in my budget. (I am NOT interested in Ksyriums or anything with Mavic rims if I can help it.)

Much thanks!
re: q) re gettin new wheelsatpjunkie
Jan 24, 2003 4:59 PM
the Velomax Ascents are nice and can be had for near that. I'd avoid the Circuits as the hub mech is so-so. A.C> are nice as well. why the beef against MAvic? The Classic SCCs (not Ksyriums) are great wheels.
AC Wheelscogmaster
Jan 25, 2003 9:33 AM
I have a 2 year old pair of AC's with the aerohead rims and their ultralight hubs. They have been bombproof and not trued once. You may want to consider the bladed spokes as they reduce spoke count and make for a stiff wheelset.
no major beefwolfereeno
Jan 25, 2003 11:27 AM
but I never really warmed up to the cosmos on my road bike. Then after months of trying to pin down a creak I found that it's a defective weld in the rim. On my mountain bike I had another set of mavics that I didn't love. I replaced them with a set of mavic/chris king's from bikeworld which I love. Since I've owned 3 sets of wheels with mavic rims and only liked one of them I figure I'll look for something different for now.