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Poll: Computer Preferences(15 posts)

Poll: Computer PreferencesCJ838
Jan 24, 2003 9:28 AM
Looking to buy a new computer. What are you all using, happy or sad with it?


Plain old basic Avocet 25 or 35retro
Jan 24, 2003 9:35 AM
I've owned four or five of them over the years on different bikes. They've been reliable, accurate and easy to use. They give basic information--speed, time, trip distance and total distance--but that's all I want. If I need a computer to tell me my cadence or what gear I'm in, I'll quit riding and buy an SUV...
re: Poll: Computer PreferencesBroomwagon
Jan 24, 2003 10:12 AM
Cateye Enduro, same as the Mity3 except that the wiring harness is slightly larger gauge for MTB use. I happen to use it on road bike though.

Simple to use, easy to read, large display, and all the functions that one needs for a basic computer. I've had mine to over two years now with no problems and it's still running on the original battery.
re: Poll: Computer PreferencesJuanmoretime
Jan 24, 2003 10:44 AM
Cateye Mity 3, 4 years and still going on the original battery. Great large display.
Avocet, all the waybrider
Jan 24, 2003 11:43 AM
My first bike computer was a Cateye Solar. Had more on it than I would ever use.

When it died, I got the Avocet 20 (the one that Lemond was shilling). That was about 1986. I've been using Avocet's ever sonce (with one ill-fated foray into Vetta). What I like about Avocet is the magnet ring -- 20 pulses per revolution. I hated the single magnet sensors -- miss one revolution, and you speed starts fluctuating. Also, for some reason I found the Vetta affected by overhead powerlines (even though it WASN'T a wireless). I liked using the pace arrow for TTs (on the 45tt).
re: Poll: Computer Preferenceswilly2351
Jan 24, 2003 11:46 AM
While you are at it, folks, I would appreciate hearing everyone's thought re whether there are any disadvantages to wireless computers compared to wired computers. Thanks!
None.Andy M-S
Jan 24, 2003 12:21 PM
I've used Avocet, Cateye, and Planet Bike.

Last spring, I decided that I didn't like how any of them looked on the bike, they were extra weight, and the cable was one more thing to get in the way.

So--I dumped 'em, and I've been happy ever since. I no longer have a pace arrow to bow down to.

Of all the computers I used, I liked the PB model best (most everything on one screen, no pushing buttons) but I can't imagine why I'd need it.
power to the peopleabelson
Jan 24, 2003 3:47 PM
I don't use a computer either. It's a freeing experience.
re: Poll: Computer PreferencesSprockets
Jan 24, 2003 3:33 PM
I'm currently using the Cateye Enduro 2. I was using the Avocet 25 on my MTB for years then recently on my road bike until it finally gave out.

The heavier gauge cable of the E2 is nice because I found the Avocet cabling to be quite fragile, especially where it connects to the pickup. Another nice feature is the dual settings for tire sizes. You could use a single E2 for both your MTB and road bike with that feature. I haven't actually tried that yet, but I plan to. You have to buy another mount for that though.

Overall, I prefer the E2 over the Avocet 25 for a basic computer. My Avocet was fairly old and did not have an auto off feature so I had to change the battery at least once or twice a season. The E2 battery life is supposed to be 3 years. Maybe today's Avocet 25 has auto off. I know most of the other Avocet models do.

A comment for the person who asked about wireless. I've never owned one, but I know that you need to maintain two batteries (one for the computer and another for the pickup unit.) Aside from that, the people I know who have wireless love 'em because they're easier to install and look cleaner.
re: Poll: Computer PreferencesMR_GRUMPY
Jan 24, 2003 7:19 PM
I almost hate to admit it, but I've been using the Performance Axiom cadence computer for 3 years now. I've got set ups on three bikes, so I just move it from bike to bike. I use the cadence on my training bike and on my TT bike. I just use a front wheel pick up on my crit bike. I like the fact that it is cheap and that I can always take it back to Performance if it dies, and tell them that I am not "satisfied".
Ps. Stay away from wireless computers. Many, but not all, people get interference from electric wires and HRMs.
An interesting question.Spoke Wrench
Jan 25, 2003 6:54 AM
I have Flight Decks on my tandem and on my go-fast bike. I like the gear indicator function on the tandem and I like the virtual cadence function on the go-fast bike. I've had a Cateye cadence computer before and it worked fine, but I didn't like having the wire under my downtube and bottom bracket.

On my other bikes I don't have any. I don't race and I don't train. Most of my bicycling is just child's play. I find that when I have a computer on my bike, every ride turns into a race. I'm always disappointed if my average speed isn't as high as the time before. Besides, I find that I go much farther and faster when I estimate my speed and distance.

I've set up many wireless computers in the past, and I think they're reliable. The only issue I've found is they can be sensitive to distance and location when you are initially installing one.
Another Cat Eye user......DINOSAUR
Jan 25, 2003 8:53 AM
I have Cat Eye Enduro 2's on both of my bikes. I used a Mitty 3 but I pulled out the wire from the computer display and went to a Enduro 2 as the wire is heavier and that is less apt to happen (for me anyway). The Enduro's are easy to program, have all the basic funtions, large digits (for us old guys) and are cheap. I used a Vetta RT88 wireless, which worked fine. The battery for the transmitter is good for about 2,000 miles and there is no second bike function, if that is important. I damaged mine when the computer display came flying off the handlebar mount when I was changing displays and I had to chuck it. I liked the way I could click all the way through without holding to get a reading. But it's nice to have the same computer on different bikes (sort of like Campy on one bike and Shimano on the other) as you remember which computer you are using. The Cat Eyes are pretty much bullet proof if you just want a basic computer.
re: Poll: Computer Preferencesukiahbill
Jan 25, 2003 6:22 PM
I have a Sigma BC800 and like it a lot, has been very reliable and is a nice simple, compact design. Have had several Avocets over the years, but had problems w/ them.
re: Poll: Computer PreferencesDieselDan
Jan 27, 2003 11:08 AM
I'm using a Specialized computer. Heavier gauge wiring, dual wheel memory, and a good LBS behind it. I had been using Vetta, but they've almost disappeared.
re: Poll: Computer PreferencesMatt Britter
Jan 27, 2003 11:26 AM
Just changed to a S710 w/ cadence, it has worked great. Before that I was using a Cateye Astrale (also had cadence) I hid the wires with colored electrical tape. I have not had a negative experience with either.

I will give a couple more plus point to wireless. I do lots of group rides and race in crits and have only had one time when my 710 found some elses HRM. After the race started I moved over and the 710 worked fine.