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does my ultegra sti shifter work right?(6 posts)

does my ultegra sti shifter work right?arc
Jan 22, 2003 1:14 PM
i have a brand new 6510 sti shifter set. my left hand shifter has 4 positions. i have a double crank on my bike. so i use 2 positions for each ring, to feather for chain lines going to the largest rear and smallest rear cogs.
i noticed today that while i can shift the front derailleur to the right one step at a time, going the other way is different.
from the rightmost position i can step it inward to position 3, but from 3 i can only go to #1, all the way in. even off the bike, standing up, i can't get it to click just once to go to #2. anyone else'e work better than this? is it defective?
it's not a problem with the double chainring ,but i'm thinking of getting a triple, where it might be annoying-i won't be able to feather in the middle ring? how does the triple work with the ultegra shifter? is it two positions for the smallest ring or two for the middle ring, or can you set it up the way you want?
re: does my ultegra sti shifter work right?croll-duraace
Jan 22, 2003 9:15 PM
everything is working as properly intended...essentially whats going on is to get past the force applied on the chain and the uphill pedaling it takes more of a powerful push from the f. derailleur to throw it to the bottom ring (thus skipping index #2 and going directly to #1) , the ratchet system on this particular shifter has a one way catch on the 2nd indexed shift in order for the fine tuning to be made while upshifting. part two of your question is that you will have the two shifts while in the middle ring (we call it trim) to fine tune your f. der. against chain line middle -small ; middle big.....also remember that with nine speeds that it is fairly common to get a small amount of chain rub against the f.der when in small - small , and big-big ; try not to cross gear.
re: does my ultegra sti shifter work right?arc
Jan 23, 2003 11:04 AM
thanks for the clear explanation. i'm trying to visualize how i will have two positions in the middle ring for trim
if i can't go to position 2 from position 3. it seems like i'll dump the chain all the way down to the small ring if i try to trim the front derailleur to the left a bit while in the middle ring. but i guess everyone has to put up with this...
re: does my ultegra sti shifter work right?jimmy320
Jan 23, 2003 12:05 PM
well then I have a question--I just checked my bike out and it has four available front shifter positions going in either direction--not sure of and can't find a numerical identification on the shifter--could mine be 6500 and therefore different in that respect from the (newer?) 6510 shifters?? my (same age as shifters)triple crankset says 6503.

re: does my ultegra sti shifter work right?croll-duraace
Jan 24, 2003 11:51 AM
hey Jim .... it might help knowing what year bicycle you own, but my GUESS is that you probably own last years Ultegra, i do remember those going the same indents each direction. How are the quality of the shifts ? Any chain rub while in the middle ring ?

And as far as the #'s go shimano assigns a different # to each component, in your case FC-6503 is for cranks ST-6510 is for the 9spd STI . It gives mechanics a general idea for compatability...and until shimano goes 10 spd, it will remain 6503/ 6500(the original 9 spd)/ 6510 (the newest)/.

hopefully this makes sense.

take care
re: does my ultegra sti shifter work right?jimmy320
Jan 25, 2003 8:03 PM
thanks croll-da--I pulled the bar tape back and my(9sp)shifter is marked 6501--might be 1999 model year--at least thats my best guess/recollection--I know some changes were made to the appearance of the ultegra shifters since mine were made--perhaps to the function as well. doesn't matter I guess except to satisfy my curiosity.