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CN7700 vs. CN7701 chain(2 posts)

CN7700 vs. CN7701 chainJimP
Jan 18, 2003 4:15 PM
Does anyone know the difference between the Shimano CN7700 and CN7701 chains? I just received a CN7700 chain from Performance. Last year I bought a new chain that was a CN7701. There is a difference in the appearance of the pins where the 7701 has depressions in the ends and the 7700 has slightly protruding bars. The CN7700s have been good in the past and since I bought this one for $17.99 I am not complaining, just wondering what is the difference.

re: CN7700 vs. CN7701 chaindivve
Jan 20, 2003 4:56 AM
The pin pull out resistance is much higher on the newer version. You can feel it very clearly when using a chain tool to remove a link. It's more reliable during high loads as well.