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When to change a rear cassette(3 posts)

When to change a rear cassetteRaven1911
Jan 18, 2003 3:25 PM
When do you all change the rear cassette? I haven't changed mine in about 1 year or so and was wondering if it will affect the shifting performance. Do you change the cassette evertime you change your chain?

re: When to change a rear cassetteseyboro
Jan 18, 2003 7:20 PM
It will take quite a while for a cassette to wear out. Follow a few guidelines and yours will last for a long time:
-keep your drivetrain as clean as possible
-lube properly, especially after a rainy ride
-change your chain when worn (use chainchecker/ruler or ask your LBS to do so)
I take those few precautions and my cassettes last 15 to 20.000 miles.
when the chain skips....C-40
Jan 19, 2003 6:02 AM
The cassette should be changed if a new chain skips on any cog under a heavy load.

A worn cassette will conform to an old chain. When a new chain is installed, the chain will skip on a severely worn cog. You could only change the worn cog or cogs if they are fastened together in pairs. Two pairs of cogs will cost almost as much as a new cassette. Might as well get them all while you're at it.

With proper maintenance a cassette should last through several chains.