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Race Wheels: Nucleon Tubulars or wait??(2 posts)

Race Wheels: Nucleon Tubulars or wait??Spunout
Jan 16, 2003 8:41 AM
I'm facing down my next purchase of new wheels in a bad way. In Canada, new Neutron clinchers will be at least $1K. I have an opportunity to bid on a pair of Nucleon tubulars, 40% of the cost of new Neutrons.

I rode tubies in the 80s, no problem. I can fix them, glue them, never had a problem. $80 a pop might hurt, but runs the same as a good clincher plus tube but much lighter. What standard race tubie should I look for? Vittoria?

Maybe I'll wait, play with fire in a few races (on record/OP wheels) without backups in the sag. My main races are hilly roadraces, heavy on the hills.

re: Race Wheels: Nucleon Tubulars or wait??ciclista5312
Jan 17, 2003 7:18 PM
For a set of race wheels, tubulars are the way to go. I would suggest Conti Sprinters, or if you want to go ultra expensive, the Competitions. Its hard to beat Nucleons at 40 off but Check out American Classic. They are Zipp rims laced to the crazy light amclassic hubs. They also have some super light weight