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Carbon fiber drop bars(2 posts)

Carbon fiber drop barsGripfer
Jan 15, 2003 9:58 PM
Anybody have experience installing levers on CF bars? Followed Easton instructions and took hoods and clamps apart, but fit is so close I can't see how I can slide them on without scratching the bar pretty thouroghly. Suggestions appreciated.
Send them back.the other Tim
Jan 15, 2003 10:23 PM
I pretty much gave up on Easton EC90s. The first ones had holes in the epoxy, and I returned them to the vendor. The replacements seemed fine. I installed them without any problems (the clamps slid on with room to spare). After a few months of use, the bars rotated in the stem clamp when I pulled up. I should have just tightened the clamp, but I e-mailed Veltec and asked them for suggestions. They responded with an RMA to replace the bars with a revision that has friction material at the clamp zone. Got the replacements in two days. Unwrapped the Al bars again to install the new EC90s, and guess what? The brake clamps didn't fit - not even close. These bars are 1.5mm larger in diameter than the ones they replaced, and they are hanging in my garage. I decided I would rather ride than wrap bars. Easton has a serious QC problem.