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Thoughts on Cane Creek Wheels(2 posts)

Thoughts on Cane Creek Wheelsbugleboy
Jan 15, 2003 8:22 PM
I am looking at new wheels and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with Cane Creek's? Carbon or Aluminum.
Jan 16, 2003 5:17 AM
they ride light. if you're thinking of a new set at MSRP, I have my doubts, but they perform very well. their new wheels are Campy compatible (about bloody time!!), and their rim weights (according to tech support) are 430g for the aluminum rims (rear now has an offset spoke bed a la Campu Neutron and Ritchey OCR), 360 for the 58mm carbon rims, and 290 for the shallow carbon rims. rumor has it they've switched to Lew rims for this year ... questionable. their deep carbon rim still looks like the same spec as the Zipp 404 rim.