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Spinergy Xaero rear hub maintenance question(3 posts)

Spinergy Xaero rear hub maintenance questionarc
Jan 15, 2003 8:23 AM
i just got a new rear xaero wheel. i've read of problems with lack of lube, metal shavings etc inside the rear hubs. so i took off the end caps, freehub, spacer...but how do you pop out the bearings? i want to make sure they are greased. also, the freehub ratchet makes an awful lot of noise when it spins-can i squirt some grease or someting into the ring to quiet it down? i don't think i could listen to that, and yes i do like to just coast every now and then. anyone have experience with this hub? suggestions greatly appreciated. i think it's version 3 with the blue seal.
re: Spinergy Xaero rear hub maintenance questionciclista5312
Jan 15, 2003 4:42 PM
The bearings are just pressed into the hub body, a brisk hit with a nut driver and a hammer should pop them out. Or you can just remove the rubber seal with a razor to top off grease, i suggest rock n roll super web or red devil. The freehub body can be quited with thicker/more lube, i suggest phil tenacious oil, but more oil runs the risk of gunking up the pawls and not allowing for immediate engagement. Just be careful not to use anything heavier. God help you if you have any warranty issues with your spinnergy.
re: Spinergy Xaero rear hub maintenance questionarc
Jan 19, 2003 11:00 PM
thanks-got them out with a hammer and checked out the whole setup. contrary to many posts here, there weren't any
metal shavings in there (yet...). the bearings were very nice (there are 3- 2 inside the hub and one on the end of the freehub), although the bearing seals slowed down the spinning of the wheel.
i took off the inner seals on the bearings that faced in since the system is sealed and nothing will get in there. the wheel spins better now. putting everything back was tricky with the press fit bearings. i had to devise a tool
from a threeaded rod that went through the axle. i put two deep spark plug sockets on the outside to push the bearings in over the axle. i put a little oil on the ratchet ring to quiet it down and put the wheel on my bike.
the ride is very nice and smooth. seems nice and stiff too. i'm gonna have fun with this wheel. thanks for the help