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Any recommendations for a good touring tire?(13 posts)

Any recommendations for a good touring tire?Alex-in-Evanston
Jan 14, 2003 12:28 PM
I'd like to put a nice wide, long lasting tire on the Gunnar (single speed/fixed gear cyclocross bike) for late winter romping and stomping. I'm thinking something around 30mm with a light tread so I can take it on flat dirt roads and trails.

I've seen the Panaracer Pasela on other touring bikes. Any thoughts on these?


re: I got a Pasela last summer.dzrider
Jan 14, 2003 1:16 PM
They cost much less than Avocet Cross tires that I'd been using and seem to do just as well. The rubber feels thinner so they may not last quite as long.
Second the Pasela--one of the best I've tried.cory
Jan 14, 2003 3:10 PM
I bought a set in 35mm with my Atlantis, and I've been happy with them. They're light, cushy (recommended pressure is 75psi, I think, but I run 80-85) and roll pretty well, plus they're good on marginal surfaces and even dirt. FWIW, the "35mm" tires measure 30.5mm on my rims. I also have a set of 32s, and they're 25mm wide.
Rivendell sells them for $30, but you can often find them for $19 or so. Get the Pasela TGs if you have a choice, rather than the plain Paselas, for the Kevlar belt.
Second the Pasela--one of the best I've tried.JulienD
Jan 17, 2003 3:40 PM
Agreed, the Pasela Tourguards have been my touring tires for the past two years... They look flimsy and are cheap to buy, but they're anything but a cheap tire... THey're also available with kevlar bead and hence fold very compact making it easy to carry a spare with you... On a loaded touring bike (40+ lbs of baggage), you'll get 6,000 kms on the rear tire and 12,000 kms on the front...
re: Any recommendations for a good touring tire?jw25
Jan 14, 2003 1:26 PM
The Pasela's good for a touring tire, but the tread's pretty much for show - I don't think I'd ride them far off-road. Depends on the trails, though - if they're all hardpack, they'd be fine. I'd spring for the kevlar-belted version, just in case.
I'd have to recommend something like a hybrid-style tire. The Ritchey Trailmix springs to mind- connected tread down the center, but knobby on the sides. They're heavier than a slick, but also more trailworthy, and should roll nearly as fast as the road-only tire. 35c width, if memory serves.
I'd look around the local shops, as chances are good they've got tires like this hidden away for the rare customer who needs them.
TT2K or ArmadillosAlexx
Jan 14, 2003 2:32 PM
Conti's top Touring 2000 is a nice tyre, and has a decent amount of tread. If you reaaly want puncture protection and long wear, though, Specialized Armadillos are unbeatable.
Conti Gatorskins nmDougSloan
Jan 14, 2003 2:41 PM
re: Any recommendations for a good touring tire?KEN2
Jan 14, 2003 2:44 PM
Specialized Nimbus EX, comes in various widths, I use 700 x 28, siping tread only so not an off-road tire, but great for touring, has FlakJacket kevlar protection system.
Panaracer CTX @ Nashbar cheap Great tire 32-35mm nmrwbadley
Jan 14, 2003 10:48 PM
I've used the Conti Top Touring 2000....davet
Jan 15, 2003 3:18 AM
... with very good success. Comes is 700x28 & 700x32, seemingly wears forever, excellent grip in all kinds of nasty stuff and had no flats at all!
Another for Conti Gatorskins (nm)StevieP
Jan 15, 2003 4:03 AM
Schwalbe Marathonmotta
Jan 15, 2003 5:31 AM
Anything from the marathon series of tires made by Schwalbe, check them out at
re: Any recommendations for a good touring tire?lorenmb
Jan 15, 2003 7:05 PM
I've been running 28mm Pasela GT's on my Gunnar Sport for about 2200 miles. They've been excellent. No problem with flats. They track and handle very well. They are a bit narrow as someone else mentioned. I doubt that they would be very good for off road use.

I run gravel roads, paved streets and trails. I selected 28 mm because I do a lot of riding on gravel. No problem yet with pinch flats or punctures. They are rated for 105 psi and that's about where I run them. I haven't put any heavy loads on the bike except for my own 220 lbs.