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Complex Shimano/Campy compatibility(2 posts)

Complex Shimano/Campy compatibilityCima Coppi
Jan 13, 2003 9:53 AM
Good morning all,

I hope you had a great weekend and were able to get out and ride!!

Here's my question/scenario. I am thinking of converting my older 7-speed Eddy Merckx to become my time trial bike. The bike's drivetrain is a mix of Campy 8-speed derailleurs with the 7-speed freewheel all controlled with friction downtube shifters. I am getting an 8-speed hub and cassette for it.

My question comes down to the shifters. I'm finding it difficult to obtain Campy 8-speed indexed bar-end shifters (I'm certain they were produced), but I can easily get a set up Shimano 8 speed indexed bar ends.

If I retrofit my 8-speed cassette to be spaced for Shimano with the Wheels Manf. spacer kit from Branford Bike, can the Shimano shifters function properly in this set up with the Campy rear derailleur? My guess is not, but I thought I'd throw out the idea and see if anyone has any thoughts on this. Of course, if you know where to obtain a set of Campy 8-speed indexed bar-end shifter, I am certainly open to that information.

As always, your opinions are greatly apprecitated.

Thanks in advance,

highly unlikely....C-40
Jan 13, 2003 2:36 PM
There has never been a match in the amount of cable pull required by shimano and campy derailleurs, that I know of.

However, in reading the information at Brandford bike, they offer a 10 speed shifting rachet that will convert old 8/9 speed bar end or downtube shifters to 10 speed. This would suggest that it's possible to do the opposite and put an 8 speed rachet in a 10 speed shifter (unless the 8 speed rachet is larger in diameter and wouldn't wouldn't fit in the space provided). There's got to be a lot of abandoned campy 8 speed downtube shifters out there that could be scavenged for the rachet. I've got a pair that have been stored since 1997.

That said, I think it would be smarter to modernize to 10 speed. If you have old, but valuable aero wheels that you want to use, a new chorus 9/10 freehub body is $70 from Brandford.

Another option would be different aero bars that can make use of downtube shifters, like Profiles. I still have a Profile aero bar mount for downtube shifters (with the 8 speed campy shifters mounted).