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Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?(9 posts)

Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?Thorman
Jan 11, 2003 5:32 AM
I'm in the process of building up a composite TCR and am down to the final components, one of which is a stem. After reading reviews on the Deda Newton some love it and others hate it.

It appears that the latest revision of this stem is made from different material (new-2024 T3 vs. old-7075 T6), which may have fixed the stripping problems.

So what do you think? Is this stem worth it or should I be looking at other stems? If so, what would you put on this bike?

re: Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?merckx56
Jan 11, 2003 9:19 AM
I went with Newton bars and Magic stems on all of my stuff. The magid stem is close in weight, costs a lot less, and the face plates don't break off when your hamfisted mechanic overtorques them. Oversize stuff seems to be a bit interchangeable. The Ritchey stuff looks really nice!
re: Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?DINOSAUR
Jan 11, 2003 10:21 AM
I have a Deda Newton stem/Deda bars on my eight month old bike and no problems at all. I avoid over-tightening the stem bolts. It's easy to tell they have reached the limit without using a torque wrench. The only thought I would consider is the Magic 31.7 oversized bars as they complicate cyclocomputer mounting and bar tape doens't go as far. I would take a look at the Deda Newton/ Deda 215 bars. The Deda 215 bars are $10.00 more -40 grams and if you go to a stem mount for your computer it will up the cost of the Magic bars. But I would not be afraid of using the Newton stem if you are worried about failure. But I'm sure there are endless other choices. I just use what I have as that's what came with my groupo and the Newton stem was a free upgrade, probably because my LBS did not have any Magic stems in stock....
re: Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?lancewannabe
Jan 11, 2003 11:04 AM
Ive had mine for a year (newton bars/stem on trek5900) -no problems at all. My vote is for the newtons.
re: Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?bugleboy
Jan 11, 2003 6:17 PM
just be mindfull of the torque specs for the bolts. They are there for a reason. Follow them and you will fine.
re: Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?cycling6500
Jan 13, 2003 8:43 PM
Nothing wrong with the Deda Newton. You must follow the spec. Here is my version of the TCR composite that the down under bike mag called "Brazen High Performance" in their 2002 Spring issue. I'm building with the Deda Newtons. I'm still awaiting for my Brazen Wheels.
re: Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?Thorman
Jan 15, 2003 5:00 PM
I'm building one just like yours...well almost.

sweet bike!lancewannabe
Jan 22, 2003 2:33 PM
sweet set up! is that IRD Metawire cable housing?
re: Deda Newton Bad Reviews...are they true?Sprockets
Jan 14, 2003 12:08 AM
I have the Deda Magic 31.7mm oversized bars and Newton stem combo. The Newton somehow arrived on my bike even though I ordered the Magic stem, but I'm not complaining because there was no upcharge for it.

That was back in Nov 2001 and so far I have not had any problems with the Newton. I think this was even the old 7075 T6 version you mentioned. I've only fiddled with it a couple of times - once to remove the faceplate for installing the bars, and another time to install some carbon spacers. I was able to do both without a hitch.

In addition to not over torqueing it, be sure to tighten/loosen the faceplate bolts in a criss cross pattern. And be sure the distance between the plate and the stem is even between all 4 bolts. I don't have a torque wrench, but I found that gentle but firm pressure does the job.