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Mavic Open Pro/D/A vs. Mavic Cosmos(6 posts)

Mavic Open Pro/D/A vs. Mavic Cosmostrout_bum
Jan 10, 2003 12:05 PM
So I need a new inexpensive but serviceable wheelset for the spring and I can't decide between prebuilt Mavic Cosmos (the older black or blue ones sans CD coating) or having Colorado Cyclist build up Open Pros w/ Dura Ace hubs. Not sure what setup I should get for these in re Spoke count and guage and possibly lacing pattern.

My inclination for the build would be either
32 F 32 R w/ 14/15 double butted and alloy nipples
32F 15 32R 14 and alloy nipples. Should I think about getting a 28 for the front? What do you guys think?

These will be my primary set of wheels as my old rear wheel has an incurable hop-so I need them to be light enough for racing but durable enough for day to day training.
I plan to race B or C club races and some cat 4 races as well as some centuries. I weigh 162lbs. Oh yeah I ride in NYC-although the road quality isn't too terrible.

The Cosmos seem cool but I worry about their serviceablity compared to the more classic D/A Open Pro build. Also how would these compare in weight?

Anyway thanks for listening.
I'd go Open Pro/DA or...HillRepeater
Jan 10, 2003 12:57 PM
Velocity Areoheats on Dura Ace hubs. 32 spokes is pretty standard - at your weight, though, you could go 28 without any issue. 14/15 db spokes will build up durable and stiff - you can sacrifice a bit of stiffness and save some weight by going to 15/16 db or 14/17 db (aka Revolution) spokes. Alloy nipples are just fine. I'd probably go 2x lacing up front and a 3x ds / 2x nds in the rear.

The Velocity rims offer a ton of color options, so you could build up something unique. The weight of the wheelset should be lighter than the cosmos, and you get the ability to tune the wheel to fit your riding and weight.
re: Mavic Open Pro/D/A vs. Mavic CosmosOneheart
Jan 10, 2003 1:10 PM
You'll be hard pressed to ever find a better all around wheel that Open Pro's with Dura Ace hubs. At your weight you may want to lace Revolutions spokes (32) on the front and the same on the rear with perhaps 14/15 on the drive side. That's what I have and their actual weight on my gram scale is 1700 gms with rim tape and skewers. These wheels are really bombproof. A set of Cosmos (according to Excel Sports) weighs in at 1800, without rim tape and I doubt skewer weight added. You can easily rebuild the Dura Ace hubs every several thousand miles and they will last you for a long long time. Mine are 3 years old with many thousands of miles on them. I have fancier, much more expensive wheels, but my overall favorites are my open pro/ DA.
re: Mavic Open Pro/D/A vs. Mavic CosmosMR_GRUMPY
Jan 10, 2003 1:11 PM
The Cosmos front wheel isn't too bad, but the rear seems a little fragile for every day use. A 28 hole front and 32 hole back Open Pro set up is probably the best all purpose wheel set. Forget the alloy nipples. After a year, they usually freeze. Try the black rims with Ultegra or Dura Ace. 3X is fine, but if you want to get fancy, go with 2X in front with 15/16 spokes. Stay with 3X 14/15 in back.
As usual, lots of different opinionsNessism
Jan 10, 2003 1:33 PM
As for my $0.02

DuraAce hubs, 32 hole front and rear, 15/16 or 14/17 spokes front and non-drive side rear, 14/15 drive side rear, brass nipples all the way around, OP rims (non-CD) or ??? - most commonly available rims are nice quality these days.

The non-drive side rear spoke tension is quite low, light spokes can easily handle the loads. Al nipples are a real pain after a year or so of use. Brass is more functional in the long term.

Good luck.

Great advice guys, much thanks! (nm)trout_bum
Jan 10, 2003 6:15 PM