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Dura Ace Triple - does it shift as well as Dura Ace Double?(6 posts)

Dura Ace Triple - does it shift as well as Dura Ace Double?Fez
Jan 9, 2003 3:44 PM
Common criticism of the Ultegra triple are the poor(er)front derailleur shifting, lack of a 53/39, and of course, the weight. So I never considered having an Ultegra Triple.

But Dura Ace supposedly shifts much better and has a 53/39.

So if one is not racing, is the Dura Ace Triple a worthy consideration? I don't mind the nominal extra cost or the small weight penalty. I only care about whether it functions as good as a double. It would be going on a brand new bike build, so it won't be costly like a conversion. I plan on using 53/39 and 12-23 for my local rides, but I would love to have the small ring for long weekend rides or mountain climbs.
re: Dura Ace Triple - does it shift as well as Dura Ace Double?SnowBlind
Jan 9, 2003 4:26 PM
ANY triple, Shimano or Campy, has a tough time with the triple shifting in the front.
It is just a design limitation of the triple, they are prone to chaindrop, and while you can limit the possiblity with proper maintance and not changing 2 rings down at a time, it is hard to eliminate. You can also install a chain guard/watcher on the seat tube to stop the chain from jumping off the inner ring.
The best way is to go ride a bike equiped with a triple, see if you like it.
I tested a Record triple soon after it came out, and was impressed, but still did'nt like it over the double.
re: Dura Ace Triple - does it shift as well as Dura Ace Double?Fez
Jan 9, 2003 4:55 PM
Technical question:

Since I plan on using restraint as far as using the small ring, can you set the front deraill limit so that it is optimized for use in the 53 and 39?

Perhaps it may shift a little poor in and out of the small ring, but I only plan to use it in the mountains and not on my regular weekday rides.
I disagreeHillRepeater
Jan 10, 2003 8:10 AM
A well set up triple will work just fine. There's nothing magical about moving the chain from two rings versus three. Mountain bikes have been doing it in much worse conditions for years without major issues.

I had a 105 triple and it worked flawlessly - never dropped the chain - never had problems shifting between rings. There was some derailler drag in some cross chaining combos, but nothing worse than what I've experienced with my DA double that I currently have.

If set up correctly, the triple will work just fine.
agreed, however...laffeaux
Jan 10, 2003 11:36 AM
I have an Ultegra triple and the shifting works fine - I've never had any issue with it. I also have a Dura Ace double (with non-Shimano rings) on my 'cross bike, and in comparison there is no difference is shift quality.

However, my LBS mechanic has told me that the Dura Ace triple does not shift as well as the Ultegra (at least not on the Trek OCLV bikes that he works on). According to him the cable tension on the Dura Ace triple is too low in the small ring. He showed me a bike that was set up correctly. When shifted into the small ring, and the cable tension was non-existant. He said it's really tough to make the shifting work well because of this.
re: Dura Ace Triple - does it shift as well as Dura Ace Double?KEN2
Jan 10, 2003 7:39 AM
I run DA triple levers on my road bike, with Ultegra cranks, FD, and RD and 12-23 cassette. Once it's set up properly, I've never had a problem shifting compared to my commuter bike, which is set up with a DA/Ultegra double the same way except for 11-32 cassette and XT RD.

The triple has never dropped off the small ring even once, and the front shifting and trim work perfectly. I don't think you'll regret it.