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Is Flight Deck more desirable?(11 posts)

Is Flight Deck more desirable?Bridgestoner
Jan 9, 2003 12:55 PM
It was a Dura Ace Christmas -yeeha! My Mother in law gave me STI shifters. Her local shop, however, sold her 1997 model year not FD compatable.

Should I go for an exchange or mount these? Do you guys prefer FD over other computers?
Not to me...seyboro
Jan 9, 2003 3:14 PM
I have had a set of non flightdeck DA shifters on one of my bikes for five years now. Never a problem, the shifting is as crisp as it could be, no wear apparent and very comfortable. Never having been a fan of 'information overload' on the bike, I am running a single Cateye on both my rides (one w/DA, the other w/Record). It's nice to be able to switch the unit from bike to bike without hassle. If you need to have every function possible at your fingertips, go for the FD. If not, keep it simple and keep a nice set of shifters.
P.S.: If you do get the FD, shift into the 39/23, go down a steep hill and stop pedaling. Your cadence function will read around 250. Now, that's impressive!
I like itthe other Tim
Jan 9, 2003 4:15 PM
The lever mounted switches are great. I was surprised at how much I like the gear display. You can have up to four different bikes/cassettes programmed and switch easily. Virtual cadence means less stuff on your bike than even wireless cadence. If you need to know your cadence while coasting down a hill, you can use the simple formula: 0.

One thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't auto-start; you have to push a button. I don't know why they did that, but they shouldn't have.
A bit of a TV/VCR comboKerry
Jan 9, 2003 5:11 PM
Seems like a good idea, but odds are that one of the components will crap out before the other, having you throw away a computer to get new shifters or having a dead computer and shifters that still work. Pays yer money and takes yer chances.
That's a good point..the other Tim
Jan 9, 2003 5:32 PM
Although, if you're using Shimano stuff, you're most likely going to replace the broken part with something compatible (it's not like having a broken VCR attached to your TV).

However, there are only nine cogs on the current FD. Soon that will be more like having a VCR and a bunch of DVDs.
re: Is Flight Deck more desirable?Inhighgear
Jan 9, 2003 7:19 PM
The lack of auto-start is major suckage. Sometimew I look down after 20 miles and realize the little icon isn't flashing which means that you don't have any mileage date, no avg MPH, etc. Problem is you will get the display showing which requires a button press but if the icon isn't flashing, you're not recording data...suckage.

Wish they could get the total trip distance on the same rotation with RPM, speed, and cadence without having to hold the button for 5 seconds to shift to second parameter set just to see it...suckage too.

Now I force myself to make sure it's recording before I ride. I like the virtual cadence, button shifters, wireless version.
re: Is Flight Deck more desirable?pmf1
Jan 10, 2003 6:13 AM
I hope your MIL got a good deal on the shifters. Even if you don't want a FD computer, the option might be worth something to someone down the road if you want to sell the bike. If she paid full price, return them and get the new model elsewhere.

You'll like STI shifters a lot. They are a huge improvement.

Personally, I am not fond of the FD. My wife has them and really likes it. Of course, its the only computer she's ever had (she has two of them). I've used many different computers over the years and prefer Sigma Sport. Reasons why I don't like the FD:
1. Its big and clunky
2. Its expensive
3. The mounting bracket comes loose a lot
4. The cadence is imaginary (not based on real data)

Reasons she likes it:
1. It tells you what gear you're in on the display
2. You don't have to remove your hands from the hoods to monkey with it
3. The mounting bracket comes loose a lot which really annoys her husband who is constantly tinkering with it.
I just removed the Flight Deck from my bike ...tarwheel
Jan 10, 2003 9:31 AM
Sometimes less is more, and that's case for me with cycle computers. The Flight Deck just gives more information than I really needed, and you have to scroll through two different menus to find relevant info that is available on most basic computers. I replaced the FD with a Performance Axiom Wireless, which I already had on another bike. The Axiom has a larger display, is easier to use, and has all the functions I need -- time, speed, distance, average speed, odometer, max speed. It also doesn't have all the messy wires going down the forks that you have with FD, and it only cost $30.

The only thing I miss from the FD is the gear indicator. It's nice to know sometimes without having to glance back. Cadence is OK, but after a while you get a feel for that and don't really need it. One annoying quirk with FD (which I think they may have fixed in newer models) is that it's easy to inadvertently turn it off if you hit the buttom with your hands while riding on the hoods. Another stupid design flaw is that the sensor unit has a built in cinch-strap that cannot be replaced. So if you switch the FD to another bike, chances are you will have to buy a whole new sensor/harness unit because you have to cut the cinch strap to remove it. This is truly stupid because all Shimano had to do was design a sensor unit that uses quick ties like everyone else. But then that would go against Shimano policy of designing parts that have to be replaced, not repaired.
Might be required to change your handle.Spoke Wrench
Jan 10, 2003 11:01 AM
Actually, I'm not sure that you're allowed to use ANY bike computer and continue to use a "Bridgestoner" handle. That just isn't right. Listen to your mother-in-law. She obviously understands the Bridgestone mistique. Think how many shops she probably had to visit before she found the "right" one that had possibly the last Dura Ace STI's in the world that are appropriate for a Bridgestone.

Honestly, I kind of like the gear indicator and virtual cadence functions on my Flight Decks, but they are very non-Bridgestone like features.
Might be required to change your handle.Bridgestoner
Jan 10, 2003 4:09 PM
Ahh yes, you speak much truth, Spokewrench.
re: Is Flight Deck more desirable?lancewannabe
Jan 11, 2003 11:20 AM
points made in other posts are valid...but I just tried to switch mine and couldnt keep from going back. The gear indicator is too important for me. Yes, I can take a peek at the rear wheel...but why? I could do with out alot of the features (cadence especially) but I need my FD!!! I would go wireless. Its lots easier and sleeker looking. Only drawback is battery consumption (2-3 sensor batteries per year)