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Wheelsmith Built Wheels vs. Colorado Cyclist Handbuilt(5 posts)

Wheelsmith Built Wheels vs. Colorado Cyclist HandbuiltFez
Jan 9, 2003 10:01 AM
Looking at some new Open Pros w/ DuraAce hubs.

Can choose between a Wheelsmith built wheel or Colorado Cyclist. Spokes and price are the same.

Colorado Cyclist is known to make some pretty good wheels, and they say they are completely handbuilt.

Don't know how the Wheelsmiths are made, but any opinions are welcome.
re: Wheelsmith Built Wheels vs. Colorado Cyclist Handbuiltpmf1
Jan 9, 2003 10:12 AM
Years ago, Bicycling (back when it was a readable magazine) did a comparison of mail order wheels. The ones from Colorado Cyclist came out way on top. Lots of folks seem to be pleased with CC built wheels; they have a good reputation. That alone would be enough to make me choose them.

I have no idea about Wheelsmith, but I can't see how they could be any better than the CC wheels.

I once bought a set of open 4CD w/ Ultegra hubs from Performance. They lost all tension in the spokes after about a year. I was told by a bike shop that they were machine built (whatever that means). I rebuilt them myself and never had any problems.
re: Wheelsmith Built Wheels vs. Colorado Cyclist Handbuilt7ti
Jan 9, 2003 1:20 PM
For what it's worth, I had a set of Open Pros built by Wheelsmith two years ago. At 160Lbs, I would not consider myself a heavyweight yet I've lost count of how many times the rear wheel has gone out of true. In fact, there are several spokes that repeatedly loosen. I finally bought myself a Park TS-2 and some Spoke Prep and fixed it. I just had another set of Open Pros built by Colorado Cyclist. They look very solid, but I do not have enough mileage on them to give a good assessment yet.
Less than impressed withtmguy
Jan 9, 2003 1:37 PM
Wheelsmith built wheels. I have purchased (at significant savings, but that should not make a difference) two sets. Open pro on ultegra and open pro on record; double butted spokes, alloy nipples. Both arrived true, but spoke tension was woefully inadequate and dish on rear slightly off. Re-tensioned and now they are fine.

CC wheels purchased for mt. bike back in 1989. Araya RM-17 on Deore XT. Rear wheel finally died in 1995 after years on the trails. The front still in service on commuter bike. A few touchups on truing over the years, but still rolling.

CC handbuilts are excellent.

Go with them.
re: Wheelsmith Built Wheels vs. Colorado Cyclist HandbuiltOneheart
Jan 10, 2003 1:24 PM
I have 3 year old Open Pro/DA wheels from Colorado Cyclist with many, many thousands of miles on them. I couldn't be happier.