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Campy 10-speed rattle(2 posts)

Campy 10-speed rattleUnicoi98
Jan 7, 2003 11:28 AM
My new bike has Campy 10 spd and unlike my old 8 spd the chain rattles in the middle couple of gears. It also rattles in small/small position that the bike tech told me, like big/big, you shouldn't ride. I knew about big/big but never had a problem with small/small. I also didn't ever have noise from the middle gears. Since this is my first 10 spd, I'm wondering if middle gear rattle is normal or not.
Rattle not normalKerry
Jan 7, 2003 4:41 PM
Most set-ups do have chain rub in the small-small combination, and I wouldn't describe that as a rattle. Noise in the middle cogs is confusing, since it does not suggest derailleur alignment. Could it be that you need to adjust the "b" screw to change the angle of the derailleur relative to the cassette? Putting the bike in a work stand should allow you to see if anything is touching or out of alignment in those middle cogs. We'll assume that your chain is clean and properly lubed, and that the cassette lock ring is tightened to the specificed 50 nm.