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40 spoke wheel(3 posts)

40 spoke wheelhelton
Jan 7, 2003 4:17 AM
I am planning on putting a 40 spoke wheel on my cyclocross bike to have a stronger wheel since I weigh 320 lbs. All the hubs I have seen in the 40 spokes are spaced 140 mm to 145 mm...My bikes rear spacing is 135mm..Would it hurt the frame to use a 140mm to 145mm hub? I put 140mm hub off of a tandem in the dropouts, it was tight but went in..By the way the frame is made of steel...Thanks for any info..
I think that's what I would try.Spoke Wrench
Jan 7, 2003 11:48 AM
What the wider hub gives you is a better spoke bracing angle. On a typical 8 or 9 speed hub, the drive side spokes are almost straight up and down. The wider hub lets you push the right hub flange farther out relative to the rim and gives the spokes a more advantageous angle.
Jan 7, 2003 8:15 PM
A local builder could re-space the rear for you, that wouldn't hurt the steel.

40 spoke...4 cross? Tie and soldered? Deep rim? That thing will be damn strong, just watch the rim on large rocks. It would really suck to cave in the sidewalls.