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Reynolds Ouzo Pro and Chris King 1 1/8 Headset(3 posts)

Reynolds Ouzo Pro and Chris King 1 1/8 Headsetphopkinsiii
Jan 3, 2003 10:13 PM
I recently bought a new Chris King 1 1/8 No-threadset to use with my Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork. Both are great products but
I was disappointed to learn that the expansion bolt that came with the fork is not compatible with the King top cap and screw (it's a completely different arrangement, actually).
Has anyone used this combination and found an expansion bolt to fit the fork using the King top cap. If so, where can I get one?
Phil Hopkins
re: Reynolds Ouzo Pro and Chris King 1 1/8 HeadsetEric_H
Jan 4, 2003 5:42 PM
I would just bite the bullet and use the Reynolds cap and expander. You will notice the cap on the Reynolds also extends into the fork for about 2 cm and it fits very tight on the inside. This extension also helps to provide support of the carbon steerer where the stem clamps (in addition to the expander plug).

Carbon forks are cutting-edge, but they also require care and attention and I would fully recommend using the manufacturer-supplied parts. I can only ASSUME your desire to use the King top cap is for "fashion", but in this case function is clearly more important than fashion.
re: Reynolds Ouzo Pro and Chris King 1 1/8 Headsetroleur21
Jan 5, 2003 9:26 AM
I have the same setup on one of my bikes, and have ultimately gone with the Reynolds setup. You can buy generic internal expanders which will work with the King top-cap. generally they rely on a spring to locate the expander a certain depth down, and then tightening the bolt, simultaneously compresses the stem and top-race of the headset as it places internal pressure on the steerer tube. The standard Look expansion plug will easily work with your King top-cap. However, the Reynolds plug (and Mizuno) use a much more clever design where the two actions are decoupled from each other. This really is more ideal, as you now expand the wedge, and then use a separate piece to compress the stack. I think you will find this a much better thought out and over time, a much easier system to use if you ever have to make any adjustments to your stem.

Unfortunately you lose the pretty silver top cap for a somewhat ugly black one...