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selecting handlbar width...(2 posts)

selecting handlbar width...gnailuh
Jan 2, 2003 4:43 PM
now is this a purely comfort issue or are that other fit issues like stem and saddle hight?

i've read that it should be in line with shoulder width... but how and where do you measure the shoulder width? i guess aero is a point to consider as well... like to hear your opinions.

re: selecting handlbar rider
Jan 3, 2003 7:04 AM
Hi gnailuh. I'm getting a new look 2003 461 bike and had to make the same determination. Lucky for me I have an idea what I like and dislike about my current handlebar Cinelli Altera (cheap stock bar).

I looked at 3 factors.

1. Width - Had my LBS measure my shoulder blades to get the length. I'm a 46cm, not a 44 like my old handlebar.

2. Reach - My old handlebar was a 75, so I keep it close to that number.

3. Drop - My current handlebar was 153, so I went with one less because I liked it up higher and not a further drop. I was going to get a TT 199, but it was at 170 drop. i felt it would be too much to what I'm use to, plus my flexabilty isn't great when using the drops. I get a stiff neck.

I have yet to figure out the hand positon on the drops matter much, to some racers it's probably a factor. I ride on the hoods and top bar for most of my hand positions, so it didn't matter to me. That's why I didn't want a long reach on my new hadlebar compare to my old one. They refer to this as anatomic bend. I'm sticking to this type of handlebar because I like this style.

I'm sticking with the 26mm because I'm use to that. Plus I'm going to use an old stem to get the bike to fit me to my specs. You can go with the new carbon handle bars which are 31.8 or a deda element with 31.7. You would need a new stem for this to work. I know the carbon bars are light and cost a lot, but some say the dampering worth it. The wall thickness at the clamp helps stiffen the handlebar where it counts.

I'm sure others on this board could answer you questions if your looking at a carbon bar and stem setup.

I decided on getting the deda 215 to fit me for my needs. Once I figure out what I really like I may try a carbon bar. By that time the technology will change some and the newest and lastest handlebar may be better.

Hope this helps.