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interesting e-mail exchange (?)(2 posts)

interesting e-mail exchange (?)DougSloan
Dec 31, 2002 11:17 AM

I'm selling my C40 frame set; here's some info:




Response (name withheld to protect him):

English or Italian bottom bracket?



Italian; I think all Colnagos are.



That's too bad. I would have bought your frame if it was Shimano compatible. I have all Dura Ace components.



Shimano has Italian threaded bb's, too! Looks like you are on the hook, then.

Several pro teams run Shimano on this very frame.


Oh, the misconceptions out there. :-)

re: interesting e-mail exchange (?)Alpedhuez55
Jan 1, 2003 12:43 PM
He can always take it to a frame builder and have them chop off the frame at the Bottom Bracket install an English bottom bracket shell ;) Maybe the guy was traumatized when he tried to play VHS tapes in a BetaMax.

You think someone riding Dura Ace Components would know better. Then again, I have ridden on group rides with people on $2500 mountain bikes who could not change a flat.

Mike Y.