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any post-rain ride tips?(4 posts)

any post-rain ride tips?jimsawino
Dec 30, 2002 8:14 PM
because i live in ohio and don't have rollers (but thanks for the microwave instead, mom) i ride in rain when there isn't snow and salt on the road. and because i'm a student, i only have one road bike, which serves me well. aside from wiping off dirt and lubing the chain, is there anything else i need to do? does water get in the frame (i'm not worries about corrosion because i have an aluminum frame, but i odn't want water holding me back either)? is there a chain lube preferred for wet weather riding?
re: any post-rain ride tips?tjl
Dec 30, 2002 8:34 PM
Install fenders on the bike. You and the bike will be cleaner. The full fenders (with the struts to hold them on) work best, if they can be installed on your bike, and you aren't going through mud that can clog them.

Measure the chain for wear (should be 12" link to link; if 12+1/16", it is getting worn enough to replace) more frequently, since it will wear at a faster rate as the wet dirt gets thrown into it. Add a mud flap to the bottom of your front fender to reduce the dirt thrown from the front wheel to the chain.

You may also want to check your rims for wear as well, since wet braking tends to sand down your rims eventually since grit gets into the brake pads.

Use black tires, since the carbon black in the rubber improves wet traction.
re: any post-rain ride tips?Woof the dog
Dec 30, 2002 11:12 PM
open up the screw or a tab that keeps the cable guide under the bottom bracket in place to drain any water that gets collected there.

If you ride in the rain often, you may have trouble with water in the rims. Just take the wheel out and move it around. If you hear any water slushing inside, take off the tire and drain through the valve hole. If you don't hear anything, I'd just leave it alone. Mind you, it takes heavy rain to fill up your rims. Lube the cables, they get rusty. Anything steel on your bike may potentially become rusty. I also lube the moving parts on derailers, and take out the seat post and invert the bike to see just how much water is there. You could try WD-40 to clean off the cassette, but that could be messy and you don't wanna spray into the freehub mechanism. Riding a bike in the rain does take tall on component life. All this sand shit flies around and gets into your chain and stuff. Especially in winter when there is sand on the roads and its raining, I wouldn't even ride because it would be like dumping handfulls of sand directly onto the chain/cogs. Rain in the summer is ok.

Woof the dog.
re: any post-rain ride tips?pa rider
Dec 31, 2002 3:06 PM
I got caught in the rain a lot this summer. like Woof said, take you tires off to drain the water when you hear wooshing sound. My ksyrium got water in a lot, plus i went through one water crossing over 2 feet deep (wasn't looking where I was going when I came up on it at speed).

I have a carbon ergo seatpost, so I have to take it off and drain about 40 oz of water each time. Doesn't hurt to flip the frame to drain water. If you do get water, look at your bottom bracket. I had to use teflon tape to keep my from creaking. Getting water in the bb was the reason why it creaks.

I found relubing chain, derailer, cables at feriles and cleaning the rims each ride helped for next ride. You will have to sand paper or emery cloth your brake pads as well. Buy some cheap brake pads because you'll wear a set out if you ride a lot of downhills while in the rain. I worn two sets out on a tour last year where it only rained one day.

Your seat will take a new look (form), because it gets soaked with water and doesn't dry out good. I still think that's why two of my seats went quicker than I expected before I replaced them.

Like everybody says, use black tires because your sidewall will be black from the brake dust and spray. Fenders are the best investment.

Remember to dry your shoes. Poor mans drier is newspaper put inside. Takes about 1/2 a day to dry if you replace the newspaper when its totally wet.

Put grease on your wheel quick release and where they come in contact with the frame (dropouts). I rusted up my bianchi on a tour once caught in a rain storm. Steel bikes like to rust there easily. I was cussing like crazy when trying to get my quick release loose :0)