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how to or need to calibrate a Park TS2?(5 posts)

how to or need to calibrate a Park TS2?DougSloan
Dec 29, 2002 7:46 PM
I have a new Park TS2 wheel truing stand. When I noticed that several wheels in a row all showed a gap on the right caliper (making it appear the wheel was dished to the left), I wondered what could be wrong. I took a wheel and turned it around, and the gap was still on the right (caliper touching on the left, but gap on the right). This means the calibration is off, right?

I checked the Park website, which recommends calibration after verifying the need for it. I'm just not sure I need to, based upon what I've observed, and without buying a calibration tool.

Is my intuition correct? If a wheel is off center in the same direction after turning it around in the axle holder, the tool must be off, right?

Any tips on calibrating, beyond what's on the Park site?


Had the same concern........Len J
Dec 30, 2002 4:58 AM
when I got my TS2. Your test is correct, but I would check it with several wheels that I knew were true, I found that my LBS's stand was off on one side by about 1.5 MM, my stand was OK.

Nashbar has the Park Stand Centering guage for around $45 which is the easiest way to both check & adjust. Before I did that though (Since you will use it infrequently) I would do the following:

1.) Call Park. Since it is a new stand, they may either replace or send you a guage for free to use and return.

2.) See if a LBS locally that makes wheels has a Centering Guage that you can borrow.

3.) See if any other cyclist's in your area has a guage that you can borrow. That is what I ended up doing. A local racer with about 30 bikes, who makes all of his own wheels had a guage.

4.) Use a true wheel to adjust the stand, Instructions for stand adjustment come with the stand.

Once the thought that the stand may have been off was planted in my mind, I had to figure out weather or not it was off.

I just use a true wheel to check mine.Spoke Wrench
Dec 30, 2002 6:05 AM
Park has the instructions for calibrating the wheel trueing stand on line. They are pretty easy to understand once you've done it once, but the process can be a little bit tedious.

When you read Park's instructions for using the stand, they say to just use enough pressure against the locknuts to hold the wheel in place. I think that the guys who really bear down on that leadscrew are the ones who knock the adjustment out of whack. I don't like to let ANYBODY else use my wheel trueing stand unless I'm personally there to watch.
I just use a true wheel to check mine.curlybike
Dec 30, 2002 12:50 PM
I found with my TS-2 that I could adjust it perfectly for a front wheel and it would be wrong for a rear. As the rear got wider, the error got worse. Now I use a gauge for all wheels. I am Curious as to the reason, Hey Calvin, what's up with that?
re: how to or need to calibrate a Park TS2?Chen2
Jan 1, 2003 12:47 PM
I've gotten use to re-centering my TS2 everytime I use it, well nearly. I reverse the wheel in the stand as often as needed while truing the wheel and simultaneously centering the caliper arm. I use a crescent wrench to adjust the lock nuts on the caliper arm. And once the caliper arm centered that's not enough because, as others have pointed out, when you work on a wheel with a different spacing you have to re-center it again. For a wheel to be truely centered, you should have equal rim to caliper spacing on both sides of the wheel when repeatedly reversing the wheel in the stand. I think the reason the centering changes from wheel to wheel is due to the changing angles between the arms and the axles and the differences in axle nut diameters and shapes. And it's also important to not over-tighten the wheel in the stand. The whole truing and centering routine is time consuming and a bit frustrating but the resulting work can be very accurate, more accurate than using a dishing tool, IMO. Also I see no need for a centering tool, the wheels you are truing will tell you when it is centered, just reverse it in the stand often.