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Stripped a bolt on a Stella Azzurra ViseVersa stem...(5 posts)

Stripped a bolt on a Stella Azzurra ViseVersa stem...Bonked
Dec 26, 2002 10:31 PM
and was wondering if anyone knew where to get a new one. I have contacted Stella Azzurra directly, but haven't heard back would love any advice people may have.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
Nevermind...GREAT customer service story.Bonked
Dec 27, 2002 8:17 AM
Stella Azzurra emailed me back immediately that they are going to FedEx me a replacement set of bolts for free. I didn't think that customer service like that existed any more!
well considering u can buy those at any lowes, HDstr8dum1
Dec 28, 2002 6:30 PM
and they only cost 20 cents each. WHOO HOO!
Thats good they are sending you a part that costs less than postage.
Uh, I don't think Lowes........JS
Dec 30, 2002 9:03 PM
carries Titanium 4mm bolts.
Next time use a good 4mm allen and dont try to over tighten it.Ambishawn
Dec 30, 2002 9:30 PM
You ant gonna find bolts that fit a Stella Azurra stem at Lowes. I will admit that those bolts have light weight in mind over repeated dissasembly. I own the Vise Versa Alloy. A word on allens. I've worked with allens (Being a Mercedes Benz Technician) for eight years. The best allen sockets I'd ever used were the Hazet or Stahwille 1/4" drive allens. There even better than Snap-on with a harder materiel and good fit to the bolt. There not terribly expensive either at about 5 bucks a piece. Ask and european pro wrench there the best. Hope this helps.