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Vittoria Clincher Mounting Problems(6 posts)

Vittoria Clincher Mounting Problemsroaddog
Dec 21, 2002 5:36 PM
Got some Rubino Pros 700 x 23 that will not go on the rim. These are perhaps middle grade tires - not Vittoria's best but are Vittorias all hard to mount? Are Campy rims harder to fit than Mavic Open Pros. I guess I'll have to toss these tires - they simply will not stretch over the rim without horrendous leverage that can't be duplicated on a "field repair".
re: Vittoria Clincher Mounting ProblemsDINOSAUR
Dec 21, 2002 5:56 PM
I've used Ritchey Tom Slicks (made by Victoria) and they were not that difficult to mount (on Mavic OP's). I just went through the same thing with some Panaracer Stradius Elites (see my post below). Part of the problem is the tires are so supple, when you pull then out of the packaging the folds in the tire won't even out, adding to the fact the they fit so darn tight.

I think I will just shell out the extra money and go back to Conti's, never had a problem mounting them on or off the road....

I keep on seeing posts about tires being hard to mount and wondered what the problem was, now I know. Something isn't right. Are manufacturers cutting corners and shelling out imperfect tires? I've thought about using a wire bead on my rear rim as that's the one that usually punctures and wire beads are less expensive and easier to mount...I might try it...
re: Vittoria Clincher Mounting Problems7ti
Dec 21, 2002 8:58 PM
I have Campy Nucleons and Mavic Open Pros and have had absolutely no problems mounting Vittoria Open Corsa CX Clinchers on them.
Thinner rim striproleur21
Dec 22, 2002 7:13 PM
Sounds silly, but a thinner rim strip like the ones from Ritchey make mounting any tire easier, and in some situations can be the only thing that allow the tire to be mounted at all.

I assume you are using velox strips, they are quite thick, and I have seen many people at my shop have similar problems.
Smaller tubes can help also - nmdzrider
Dec 24, 2002 8:17 AM
Mounting Problem Updateroaddog
Dec 26, 2002 5:03 PM
The problem turns out to be the wheel not the tire. The Campy Montreal Rims seem to require a more flexible bead. Haven't figured out why. They are a few mm wider, but that shouldn't matter. Tried mounting the Vittoria Rubino Pros on Ambrosio Excellence rims and they went on with moderate difficulty. Got some Vredestein Fortezza's to go on the Montreals, but very snug. The easiest I've ever mounted - Continental GP 3000 on Mavic Open Pros. They go on and off like super easy. Must be there is something to the rim/tire combination?