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Electro Campy... ??!?!?(16 posts)

Electro Campy... ??!?!?gnailuh
Dec 18, 2002 12:11 PM
see for first look.

why do you want such a thing? even if they do get the weight down to regular mechanical components. how is it suppose to be better? what if the bike gets wet? or crash? my record/chourus/ultegra combo works and shifts just fine. and with campy, i can do a smooth multi gear down/upshift with active feedback... can the electro do the same?

like to hear your opinions.
re: Electro Campy... ??!?!?flyweight
Dec 18, 2002 1:59 PM
Hardly a first look. An article appeared in an Italian cycling mag weeks ago. Also the drawings for the system have been available at the US Patent Office site for a couple of years.

As for durability, do you realize that the controls on almost all airplanes are electronic? Aircraft, especially military aircraft, see more stress in 5 minutes than a bike will in 20 years! When it comes to technology bicycles are so far behind the curve.
re: Electro Campy... airplanesjunkinthetrunk
Dec 18, 2002 2:06 PM
i would not use the airplane industry as a guideline on this one, unless you want to fix your bike on the side of the road with "tape" like they do. Mavic tried and it failed hands down, to be different (not really) is not better. I do not want anything by battery controlling my bike. I have got a flite deck computer on my dura ace bike and that will eventually fail also. Batteries suck - hands down, or middle finger up.....

Joey Bloey
re: Electro Campy... airplanesflyweight
Dec 18, 2002 2:55 PM
Sorry but the bike industry is downright primitive compared to the aerospace industry. They only use tape for covering up very small holes - not for structural repairs. That's no different than using tape to hold the wires of a cyclecomputer in place.

People saying electronic transmissions are inferior to cables remind me of people who said derailleurs were a bad idea because they added weight and complexity. Sure Mavic failed but then again so did most early derailleur designs! Ever use a Cambio Corsa shifting system?
That said....flyweight
Dec 18, 2002 3:04 PM
I've got no plans to rush out and by the stuff when it comes out. Campy has a history of not hitting the target on the first try (Syncro shifters, the original ErgoPower, Pro-Fit pedals, etc.) However I wouldn't be surprised if in 10 years all high end road bikes sport electronic transmissions (Shimano is also working on one)

Personally, I still plan to keep my Mavic SSC derailleurs and Simplex shifters. Every now and then it's fun to go old school.
can't compare with airplanes...gnailuh
Dec 18, 2002 3:49 PM
how much does airplanes cost? how much will these cost? don't think they'll have the same reliability standard... parts are also smaller here...
can't compare with airplanes...flyweight
Dec 18, 2002 4:25 PM
Perhaps but then again most electronics (such as laptops, PDAs and MP3 players) use components that are much smaller than anything on a bike AND can cost less than a rear derailleur.

My point is that technology that was pioneered in the aerospace industry has been very slow to work it's way down to the cycling industry. Other industries/sports have been much quicker to take advantage of new technology.
I understand the E-Campy will cost about the same as a plane- nmTJeanloz
Dec 19, 2002 8:24 AM
No one answered my questions...gnailuh
Dec 18, 2002 3:08 PM
well... so why is it good? fine, i can believe the technology is there and it will be reliable, but what advantage do you get?

comparing it ders are not fair. ders clearly added an advantage, to be able to shift gears... this is a new form of the same thing... to perform the exact same function...

what will they think of next? bike powered by an electric motor?
No one answered my questions...Airplanes/Toilets/Laptopsjunkinthetrunk
Dec 18, 2002 4:13 PM
Just goes to show you anything technical is good right? Might as well shove my laptop down my bike shorts while riding my electric shifting bicycle. Will the campag der. work if i take a dump on it. Maybe not. Why complicate something so beautiful and simple. If the average Joe doesn't know how to fix it on the side of the road, how will they know how to fix the circuit board in the shifter or der. Maybe the people that buy it will pull out their laptop during a ride and post their problems on this forum. Maybe the mechanics in the bike shops will have to go to italy for training in computer science. Or just fix the problem with tape. That is what the airline industry does. Still have a Campag der. from the seventies, but through my piece of junk computer from 5 years ago in the dumpster this year. Hooray technology. Any monkey could figure out that Super Record der. though!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey Bloey
No one answered my questions...Airplanes/Toilets/Laptopsflyweight
Dec 18, 2002 4:22 PM
I definitely agree with you to a certain degree and I still ride a bike with Mavic SSC friction shifting. Heck, I also ride a single speed fixed gear.

However, I'm not willing to say something is "better" based solely on the factor of durability (in which case Super Record is junk when compared to a fixed gear!) Don't forget that Record is not meant to be durable. It's racing equipment and just like F-1 cars durability has been compromised for lighter weight and other "performance" reasons. The new electronic Record stuff isn't meant for everyday riders, it's for the pros (or wannabes) who have mechanics.

Right or wrong, cycling is slowly starting to catch up with auto racing in the sense that what the pros use and what you and I can buy are two different things. For the most part cycling is still somewhat unusual in that just about anyone can go out and afford the absolute finest equipment. That's something you really can't do in other sports like auto racing, sailing, motor boat racing, etc.
Electric Shifting/Up my "arse"junkinthetrunk
Dec 18, 2002 4:39 PM
We aren't talking airplanes or car racing. Normal people can't afford a airplane or a formula one car. To fix something is to understand it. Their is not fixing electronics. Sorry - disposable means profit. Shimano 11 speed means thinner chains and cogs that wear out even faster than titanium cogs now used on the now 9 speed dura ace cassettes. If Campagnolo and Shimano push this electronic angle, I'll ride a single speed. I still cannot believe Campagnolo stripped me of my innocense by coming up with one of the dumbest ideas going - disposable parts for a disposable world. Think how this stuff will work on cyclocross bikes-"sorry i lost the race because water got in the circuits, and i did not have my hairdryer to dry the chip out, and fed ex wouldn't pick my package up while i was sitting in the mud, during the race, to send the part to some distributor, who knows even less about it than i do. What cleans bikes - water. water and electronics do not mix; or was that oil. Sorry don't need a thread to tell me this idea by such prominent company sucks. Maybe i should go buy a plane or a race car and change sports. Technology sometimes shoves it right up everyones "arse." THIS IS NOT ABOUT COMPONENTS - IT IS ABOUT MONEY............................................................................................................................................................................
No one answered my questions...flyweight
Dec 18, 2002 4:14 PM
According to Campy the advantages are smoother, easier shifting and greater reliability as there will be no cables to get mucked up by the elements.
A bike should be mechanical...gnailuh
Dec 18, 2002 4:59 PM
you know, i agree with one of the previous posters... biking is one of those few purely mechanical devices left. The only thing that's electronic might be the cyclocomputer.

first comes the electro-shifter... then why not auto-shifter-transmission... electric bikes... so on... stop this now.
A bike should be mechanical...mackgoo
Dec 19, 2002 5:56 AM
Your right. Stop this now, every one has gone way off the deep end.
A bike should be mechanical...jeex, what's up with you people?trx0x
Dec 20, 2002 4:37 PM
i mean, come on. who cares? if you don't like the electro-campy stuff, don't get it! no one is forcing you to use it. and complaining about technology ruining the 'truly mechanical' sport of cycling...puleeze. i'm sure when the bicycle came out, there were people who were like "man, what's going on in this world? why do i want to ride on wheels to go some place? i mean, what's wrong with just walking? these new fangled devices will be the end of it all!"

and yes i do like the electro-campy stuff.

and yes i do ride a look with mektronic, and it is the fastest shifting i've experienced. my dura-ace levers crapped out on me after a 1.5 years. mektronic has worked fine for the past 3 years (they replaced the dura-ace). i keep spare batteries in my handlebar, but haven't needed to replace one while riding.