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Shimano R214 carbon soles with Look bolt pattern(2 posts)

Shimano R214 carbon soles with Look bolt patternEric_H
Dec 17, 2002 1:09 PM
I am considering the purchase of a pair of Shimano R214 road shoes and I plan to use them with the new SPD-SL 7750 pedals. As I understand, this requires removal of a port in the sole from the inside of the shoes to enable switching the cleat nuts. I recall reading a VeloNews review of these shoes that said once the port has been removed to switch the nuts it tends to "collapse" under the foot. Does this happen? Is it a problem? And how hard is it to access the port in the sole?
Dec 19, 2002 2:39 PM
I did not win the eBay auction for the R214 shoes. I wanted to try them out but only if I could get them for a very reasonable price. I'll stick with my trusty Carnac Quartz.