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Continental triathlon tire - train or race ?(6 posts)

Continental triathlon tire - train or race ?dotkaye
Dec 16, 2002 10:46 AM
I just bought a Zipp 440 tubular front wheel (700c) for my tri bike. I've not used tubular before and was a little suprised at the price tag on a good race tire.. A previous Ebay foray left me with collateral damage of a Dura-Ace 7spd freewheel on a dinged Mavic MA4 tubular rim, and a Continental Triathlon tire in decent condition. I can't find much info on this tire - anyone know if it was rated for training or racing ? Any recommendations on a good tubular for racing ?
re: Continental triathlon tire - train or race ?JimP
Dec 16, 2002 1:54 PM
I had a Conti triathlon tire a few years ago and wasn't happy with it. It was heavy and stiff and I didn't have a lot of confidence that it would corner as well as some other tires. I now use the Conti Sprinter and have bought them from and at a reasonable price.
re: Continental triathlon tire - train or race ?jw25
Dec 16, 2002 1:57 PM
From what little I remember, the triathlon was a decent race tire, standard rubber, 290 grams.
I've not used tubulars, but yeah, retail is steep. I've seen a bunch of tubies on Ebay recently, both race and training (for instance, Conti Podium 19mm's for $65 the pair).
I'd run the Triathlon for training, and maybe get something lighter and nicer for racing. Ideally, the Zipp would be race-only, in which case I'd run the nicest tire I could afford. Maybe a Veloflex or Conti 19 to 20mm.
Hopefully others more informed will chime in here.
re: Continental triathlon tire - train or race ?MR_GRUMPY
Dec 16, 2002 6:21 PM
The Continental triathlon was a "good" quality training tire. The replacement for it would depend on weather you were looking for something "bulletproof" or something light. The Veloflex tires are light and ride good. The tufo's are light, but don't run very good. Sprinters arn't as light as they used to be, but they have a pretty strong casing.
Continental triathlon tire - train on themboneman
Dec 17, 2002 1:15 AM
They're a decent tire. I've used them off and on, subject to availability for the last 20 years. Same synthetic casing material as the Sprinter but with two less plies. Like all Conti tubs, pricing is terrible due to German labor costs.

I use them for general riding but find that the Michelin Club is a far better value and production quality is more consistent. Tread depth on the Sprinter (and Triathlon) is thicker if you've got glass issues.

Racing, go Veloflex, Gommitalia (same production line as Veloflex but different branding), or Conti Competition if you've got the money. I've not ridden Vittoria tubs since they stopped Italian production so others will need to comment.
thanks all..dotkaye
Dec 17, 2002 2:40 PM
I guess I'll run the Triathlon for a while, and save up for a nicer race tire as the next upgrade.. heh. It never ends.