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American Classic's 350(6 posts)

American Classic's 350ditcher
Dec 15, 2002 5:11 PM
O.k. so I'm building a new bike and thinking A.C. I'm 155lbs.climbing is a passion,club races for fun only.The AC seems think a decent wheel,so light,but to make them that light are the brake shoe walls paper thin that they wear out unreasonably quick.The reviews here are good, but would anybody care to update their feelings after another season of usage,and what about the hub quality for campy compatible. Thanks
re: American Classic's 350fredthebiker
Dec 15, 2002 5:50 PM
The reason they are lighter is not because of the removal of weight in the brake track. They removed it in the upper rim portion between the braking surface and the spoke hole bed.
I have a pair of these and have 10k on them and they look like new. I check my pads and keep them clean(things work better that way!).
I am also running a Campy body on the wheels and have had no problems. The only thing I have noticed is the skewers. They have a much greater throw on them so if I tighten them too much I am putting too much tnesion on the bearings(the bearings get load on them because of the skewers(that is not a design flaw, they are made that way)).

Hope that helps.

This will be interestingKerry
Dec 15, 2002 6:15 PM
I was summarily informed not long ago that every other rim maker was incompetent, and that was why no one else could build a rim that was less than 410 grams. No chance that the others had figured out that 350 was too light for a clincher rim. It will be interesting to see if AC really does have the magic key and if they are making a rim that will hold up. I've no personal experience with these rims, I'm just curious and a little skeptical.
re: American Classic's 350jw25
Dec 16, 2002 7:49 AM
Nope, the rims are made of a different alloy than most, which allows the entire extrusion to be thinner. I doubt the sidewalls are thinner at the braking surface, as that section is exposed to some serious forces from tire inflation.
However, if you're worried about it, the Velocity Aerohead is the same rim shape, but in a more conventional alloy, and only about 50-60 grams heavier. A wheelset built with those rims and AC hubs would still run under 1500 grams with light spokes, and last for several seasons.
I've not ridden the AC rims (I'm also waiting for durability reports, but the 420 has me pretty excited), but I do have a year on the hubs.
I have the older, greaseport version of the ultralight cassette and micro front, and both are excellent. Besides a little grease leakage after regreasing, no maintenance has been required, and they spin as freely as my ultegra and XTR hubsets. The alloy cassette body does get notched over time, but hasn't been problematic so far.
The newer versions, with slightly better seals and no greaseports, should be even better, though regreasing them will be slightly more difficult.
re: American Classic's 350mpm32
Dec 17, 2002 8:21 AM
I bought a set of these wheels for racing only. Great wheels for this purpose. The sidewall is thinner (break out your mic). And the break track is not as wide. All in effort, I assume to save weight. I would not run these wheels everyday. When I got the wheels, I was kind of in a hurry to mount the tires (wife was nagging me to do something). I mounted the tires, pumped them up, put them on my bike, leaned the bike against the wall. Ten minutes later, BOOM, pinched the tube in the rush. Crap, changed the tube, pumped them back up, put the wheel on the bike and spun it. Where the tire blew out the rim was bulged out on both sides. Never happened on my other rims. Got the rim replaced. Now I am extra careful to make sure I don't have a pinch. With other rims it's just a tube, with these it's a tube and a rim.
re: American Classic's 350Ye Olde Balde One
Dec 17, 2002 9:05 AM
I tried using the rear hub (Campy compatible) with a Campy cassette. It wouldn't fit, the spider rubbed on the hub shell. I contacted AC, and they sent me a small spacer, still rubbed. They sent me another spacer, now I couldn't get the 12t sprocket on the splines, but there was a paperthin clearance at the back (which I think would have been reduced to nothing by the clamping effect of the lockring). AC said to use one of their (heavy steel instead of all Ti Record) conversion cassettes on a Shimano compatible hub as a fix!

I returned the wheels and got some fir wheels instead.